Working from Home and Some of the Problems that Can Arise

Many people work from home in the UK, a number that has only gone up since the pandemic. Although lots of people are back in the office, many businesses and employees found that working from home was something that worked well for them, so have not gone back to working in the office full time.

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For businesses, they have been able to save money on running their premises and have been able to downsize to smaller offices where less people have needed to be in. For employees, some that work from home have enjoyed more flexibility, a better work life balance and the lack of a commute so they are able to be working without spending hours travelling.

In some businesses, a hybrid working model has been used, with many employees working from home some of the time and in the office for some days too.

Of course, working from home, although great in many ways, does also come with its own issues too. Here are some of the things that businesses and people who work from home need to be aware of…

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Confidentiality – Any data that is confidential still needs to be protected wherever someone is working from. As well as making sure that devices are secure, confidential waste needs to be disposed of correctly and destroyed by a professional like this confidential paper shredding Cardiff based company.

Having a Good Place to Work – When you work from home you need a good place to work that is away from all distractions. This could be a room that you convert to a home office, or you could create a garden office room to make sure work and home life stay separate.

Productivity – For some people, working from home comes with distractions which then has a detrimental effect on their productivity. Not everyone suits working from home arrangements.

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