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Where does petrol come from

If you have ever been stood in a petrol station filling up your work vehicle, getting ready to pay with the Fuel Cards that you can get from you might have found yourself wondering where petrol comes from in the first place.

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Petrol like diesel comes from crude oil. This oil is a fossil fuel which means that there is a finite amount of it available to us on the planet. Crude oil is made up of matter and organisms that were around millions of years ago. These plants and tiny organisms have been heated to incredible temperatures where they then turn into carbons.

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Oil reserves are located across the world with the vast majority of them being in the Northern Hemisphere and a large number being in the Middle East. Finding new oil reserves requires the use of seismic waves and detailed satellite technologies. Once the oil has been located the drill of wells can begin. The oil is then channelled into fractioning columns. These columns heat up to an incredible 400 degrees celsius and during this heating process the oil is separated into hydrocarbons and petroleum and diesel are two of these.

Once the hydrocarbons are separated they are channelled in different directions at the oil well and then they can be refined if necessary and then stored ready for delivery to the main stations and then onto the petrol stations where we get our fuel from.

How to protect your staff at work

Any business owner will tell you that keeping their employees safe at work is of paramount concern. If you are looking for ways to ensure that your staff are looked after here are a number of options that you can do.

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  • Risk assessments – depending on the size of your business this may be a legal requirement. Going through a risk assessment to look at all areas of your business from the building right through to the work that is conducted can help to identify any areas that might have potential for causing injury or harm in one way or another. Once you have identified these areas you can then look at ways in which you can help reduce the risk by putting certain measures in place.
  • Security – if you work in a business that could see your staff members approached by members of the public who could be aggressive or unhappy you might want to look at security. This could be in the form of CCTV or security guards.

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The 9 core sections of BRC Food Safety Standards

The British Retail Consortium is responsible for creating the certification that food and drinks businesses follow to demonstrate that they are following guidelines that are set by the BRC. As well as proving that they are taking safety standards seriously, following these measures means that when a company such as hygienecheck comes in to conduct a BRC Audit all of the key elements should be covered.

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The overall BRC food safety standard is split into 9 sections and covers the following areas.

  • Senior Management – this looks at the commitment of those in a senior management to adhering to the safety standards and to developing a culture that places this at the top of its priorities.
  • Food Safety Plan – the plan helps to put in place risk identification and mitigation protocols and is a key part of food and drink businesses.

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  • Food Management Systems – these cover food safety and quality.
  • Product Control – this looks at key issues such as management of allergens and the ways in which products are tested.
  • Process Control – this is used in conjunction with the food safety plan and the audit will check that you are actually following your own procedures.
  • Site Standards – this covers standards that the food and drink manufacturing facility needs to adhere to.
  • Personnel – this looks at staff training, hygiene and other training and protocols.
  • High risk production zones – this looks at high risk products that may require freezing or refrigeration and ways in which these areas are managed
  • Traded products – this checks that traded products follow all the requirements that are set out by the BRC

What is a Bonded Warehouse?

Bonded warehouses are used for the distribution of goods. To explain what they are, bonded warehouses are places that are used for storing and processing commercial goods that will be exported or have been imported. If bonded warehouses are used for storing goods, the products will not be liable for custom duties, making it ideal for organisations wanting to save money on tax. However, once the goods arrive at their next location, taxes that are due will have to be paid. Bonded warehouses are either owned by businesses or are government run. The benefit of using a bonded warehouse is that they are good for making an inventory and for cashflow.

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Bonded warehouses provide the opportunity to organisations and businesses to keep their goods in a place closer to their destination in order to decrease the distance for transportation. Moreover, tax payments are postponed giving companies more time to find the money if need be and can even clear the need for paying altogether. It should be apparent how bonded warehouses are so beneficial for businesses who need to trade their goods to different locations.

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These types of warehouses are used by businesses of a number of different industries including the beverage industry. It is important with goods of this kind that they are stored safely, hygienically and at the right temperatures for successful and efficient distribution. Good quality Bonded Warehouse Management should ensure that everything is taken care of no matter how big or small the stock being kept is.

What Is a Manufacturing Engineer?

If you are interested in becoming an engineer, you may be looking at what type of engineer you would like to be. I will give you an overview of what a manufacturing engineer is, but before I get into that, I’ll clarify what Manufacturing Engineering is.

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Manufacturing engineering is the type of engineering that focuses on understanding, analysing and improving complex industrial, manufacturing and infrastructure systems. It is mainly about using the necessary equipment to turn raw materials like metal, plastic or wood into a product as efficiently as possible. To find out more, I recommend contacting an Engineering manufacturing company by visiting this website,

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And now, what is a Manufacturing Engineer?

A manufacturing engineer is responsible for manufacturing products as efficiently as possible so that the process is quick and cost-effective but still being sure to maintain the overall product quality.

In the process of manufacturing a new product, an engineer would figure out the optimal manufacturing process by working out the individual steps of designing, and they would lay out the production line. They would be responsible for choosing the machinery, design, and layout of the individual workstations as well as come up with a production plan.

A manufacturing engineer can be hired for a number of jobs that include the following:

  • To use robotics, computer integrated technology, or a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) in order to automate an engine manufacturing facility.
  • To design a mobile phone manufacturing process in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of the product.
  • To work out the most efficient layout of machinery and equipment for manufacturing.
  • To develop and implement processes of fabrication for microprocessors.
  • To identify the most cost-effective way of handling material and come up with a facility layout alternative for an aerospace manufacturing
  • To design tools and equipment for manufacturing a product.

Courier Drivers Should Be Using Fuel Cards

There are many reasons why you as a courier driver should be using fuel cards. You will save a lot of money in the long run, which you will then use to reinvest back into the business. By fueling vehicles using fuel cards you will be able to take on more customers and increase your revenue. Also by fueling your vehicle on a card you are able to keep up to date with the latest fuel price benefits and have the flexibility to use your savings elsewhere in your business. For help with BP Fuel Cards, go to a site like Fuel Card Services

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By using fuel cards rather than cash you will also be able to track your fuel usage so that you can set targets and goals for yourself and your drivers to achieve. For example if you only want your drivers to spend x amount of miles a month on fuel then you can tell on the card that you will reward those drivers that achieve the target.

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Another great reason why your courier drivers should be using fuel cards is the safety aspect. As well as saving money and helping to make sure that your drivers are meeting targets there is also the safety aspect to consider. If you are using fuel cards you are able to see where all the fuel has gone from your company vehicle. You know exactly how much fuel is going out each day, so you know that the vehicles are only going to be filled with fuel that your business requires.


Three Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

Work has a big impact on all of our lives and for many people it is by far the main source of stress in our day to day lives. If you are looking for ways to reduce your work related stress levels, here are a few ideas…

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Practice mindfulness – This is something that helps you to focus on the present and if you have a stressed and busy mind that feels too full, it is a great way to get relief from this. There are lots of apps and online videos that will be able to guide and help you with this.

Massage – This is a fantastic way to reduce stress and tension and many people credit it with also improving sleep quality too, which in turn will lower stress levels. If you are often too busy to go out to get one, there are companies such as this mobile massage London based company who will come into your workplace to massage you.

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Take Breaks – Everyone needs to take a break and if you find that your work is piling up and stressing you out it can be tempting to feel the need to push through, but a break will help you to restore calm and focus and give your brain a rest. Have a piece of fruit, a short walk or simply spend some time taking a power nap!

What is a Company Fleet?

What is a company fleet? Simply put, it is the group of vehicles that a business uses to conduct business and deliver their products and services. Each individual car that is part of the fleet has its own driver. Businesses use fleets for a variety of reasons including transporting clients, delivering packages, hauling freight and for employee use.

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One of the most important things to consider about a fleet of vehicles is the frequency that each vehicle will be used. If you drive the same kind of car day after day and week after week, then you probably won’t see much change in your monthly premium cost. However, if you change up the make, model and year of your vehicle regularly, then you will see a significant difference in your cost.

What are company vehicles used for? A lot of corporations and agencies use these types of vehicles when they need to transport employees or freight in an efficient manner. The bottom line is that these types of vehicles can save a company thousands every year in fuel expenditures. For more information on Fuel Cards, Visit Fuel Card Services.

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Cars provided by a company are often very plush and comfortable. Most companies have their vehicles outfitted with many of the comforts and extras that you can find in the top of the range vehicles.



Why it is important for businesses to harness the power of the internet?

In our technologically driven world, most of what we do is reliant on the internet. Over the past year and a half, as we all had to restrict our movements due to the pandemic, the use of the internet has increased even more.

From socialising to ordering takeaway, the internet has something to offer for everyone worldwide, and it is the fastest and easiest wats to find solutions exactly when we need them.

However, a long time before the pandemic, the internet was and will remain the primary way people can purchase various products and services with a single click. Businesses have started to realise the increasing potential of selling online, the reason why they are now keen on learning how to utilise it and make the most of it.

Your business website is a vital part, so you should have a good, user-friendly website that appeals to your audiences. But another important aspect is your digital marketing. This is the leading way of getting yourself out there on the big world of the internet. It encompasses building awareness for your brand to stand out from the crowd and ensuring that when someone wants your products or services, you can provide them with the exact information and solution they are looking for in no time.

Of course, this is not something that every single business will know how to do, but it is something that you should get a professional to help you with, such as this digital marketing agency in Leicester. They will to ensuretake through all our present situation and future goals and create a digital marketing campaign that is perfectly tailored to suit you and your business.


Why You Should Consider Hiring Food Safety Consultants

Food safety consultants are people that help you with the safety of your food. They help companies manage risks related to their food production, handling, shipping, storage, and even the education of their employees. There is a big difference between regular inspectors and those who specialize in food safety. Most inspectors will only inspect things like whether there is bacteria on the surface of a product, or if a label states what kind of food is in it. Food safety consultants inspect for everything from E. coli to salmonella. For Food safety Consultants, go to MQM Consulting

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If you own or operate a restaurant, you know how important it is to keep your food as safe as possible. With the threat of food borne illness becoming all too real, it is more important than ever to make sure that your restaurant does everything in its power to protect your customers. By hiring food safety consultants, you can rest easy knowing that you are doing everything in your power to protect yourself from any harm. These specialists are responsible for many aspects of food production, including making sure that your production is following all standards. They help you to monitor the progress of production and even help you determine where changes need to be made to improve production standards.

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There are plenty of different reasons why you should consider hiring food safety consultants. For restaurant owners, it is necessary to have an eye on the production process and be on top of any problems that may arise. For the food service industry, consultants are needed to make sure that service staff and cooks are following all regulations in place, while also making sure that the food they prepare is up to the highest standards.