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What Happens in a Building Survey?

What happens in a building survey is a process through which surveyors go through your home or any other property that you have for them and they will collect all the information that they need to carry out the job thoroughly. They will record the size of the rooms as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, any additions that have been made as well as the square footage. If there are alterations that have been done to the property then the surveyor will also note down on the form if these have been made and what the costs of these alterations are. The conveyancing process is a part of this survey, which is used to help with getting a new lease for any property. It is not just an example of the property changing hands, but it is also used for adding the stipulations and regulations that a lease has regarding air conditioning as well as heating. For piece of mind hiring the services of this Building Survey Birmingham based company

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Most of the time a building survey will be carried out by a surveyor who is called either an architect or surveyor. Once they have carried out the survey then they will report back to the client. Once the client receives the results then they are able to go through the information and see if anything stands out and needs to be changed prior to the exchange of the deeds.

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It is essential that anyone getting into any kind of property exchange to be aware of what happens in a survey. This is because should any changes be needed to be made then the survey must state it and the land registry office will make sure that it is noted. If the conveyance is being arranged because of a problem such as an error then the conveyancer will be obliged to go through the survey in full before putting everything on the market. The land registry office will check that everything is correct and then make any necessary changes to the property, so that it is suitable for trade.

How to Care For Your Warehouse Shelving

If you work in a retail business that deals with large quantities of products then you are going to want to pay close attention to the warehouse shelving systems you have in place. When you have good warehouse shelving installed in your warehouse, you will find that you can move quickly through the different shelves to get rid of products that have expired or are due on display. This can save time on both ends of the spectrum and helps to increase profits as well. Shelving suppliers are an important contact for the care and maintenance of new and existing units.

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There are a number of different things to look at when you are considering how to care for your warehouse shelving. First, you need to make sure that the shelving units are not stacked too high. Access is very important for health and safety. This could prove to be very dangerous for employees if they were to trip over the shelves while moving merchandise from the front to the back of the warehouse. You also want to make sure that the shelving is securely anchored into the floor so that it will not come loose due to weight.

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You should also make sure that you regularly check the shelving to make sure that it is not damaged. Most retailers store products for a long period of time before they are put on display so you want to make sure that they are properly stored. A good shelving system will reduce the chances of this occurring and you will have less work to do in order to make sure that your stock is stored properly.


Look out for These Jolly Signs that Spring is Here

Spring is in the air and it is a lovely time now to go for a walk. Walking in amongst nature is great for both your physical wellbeing and your mental wellbeing and at this time of the year, nature starts to show us all the hope that many people are so desperately looking for at the moment.

If you are out walking in the Spring, there are lots of signs you can see of the earth waking up – remember to wrap up warm on your walk, shop Aran sweaters so that you stay cosy as the spring days can often still have a little chill in the air…

Daffodils – These beautiful bright and jolly flowers are synonymous with Springtime and herald the start of sunny and warm days to come. There are lots of great places you can go to in the UK to see this springtime spectacle!

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Hazel Trees – These are the earliest trees to start to emerge and you will notice the catkins hanging from the branches from late February. These then get blown off by the wild March winds where they can be distributed all around.

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Bees – The industrious bees start to become active as the air warms up – the first to emerge are the queens, eagerly hunting for a place to start a new colony after a winter tucked away in the warm. You may see them around now buzzing around the countryside!

Working with a Family Law Solitor

When it comes to appointing a Family Law solicitor Gloucester based Dee and Griffin solicitors are able to help with a variety of family matters. It can feel . . .like an incredibly intimidating process. The very fact that you are having to seek the advice of one of these highly qualified individuals means that you are not in the best of spaces in your personal life. This is one of the many reasons why you will find that Family Law Solicitors are some of the calmest individuals that you will find. That does not mean, however, that they do not have the fierce nature that is needed to fight for their clients. They are in all-intense purposes very swan like! Continue reading Working with a Family Law Solitor

Interior Design Tips for Your Park Home

One advantage of living in a park home is that it will be furnished and decorated already. If you move from a conventional house or apartment, you may be able to make some money by selling on larger furniture. Why not go to town on really personalising your park home with colours and themes? Here are some ideas.

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You need to be creative here. For ideas on some neat and economical options for the kitchen area, take a look at For other areas of your home, consider attractive boxes in various bright colours and designs. It is likely that these will be on show, so choose carefully and find boxes that you don’t necessarily want to hide away. Remember that seating in park homes may also offer hidden storage, but make sure not to put items in there that you need to be getting out on a regular basis. Space under the bed can be used to good effect too, but a drawer or some boxes will make organisation easier.

Light and Mirrors

These are key to making your home feel and look more spacious. Choose carefully and they will make all the difference. Mirrors can add depth to a room. Consider choosing some lighting which is personal to you, rather than just going with what may be provided as standard in the park home.

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Avoid Clutter

You need space to move around, so opt for a few high-quality items of furniture rather than cramming in too much and thus compromising on floor space.

When it comes to park homes for sale Gloucester has a lot to offer, and they are not all tiny spaces if you have a bigger budget. Look at the options here:

Colours and Themes

In a space which is smaller than average, consider using lighter colours on the walls to open up the space. If you are keen on bolder shades, consider a feature wall, using bold patterns, a mural or just a darker colour.

Mix Up Old and New

If you have, for instance, an antique table which you would like to use in your park home, don’t feel inhibited if you cannot afford to go completely with antiques. By balancing colours and textures, modern furniture can easily sit alongside a classic style.

Mens Winter Hats that are Stylish and Snug

Winter is here again, and whilst we are all thinking of updating our wardrobes with the newest styles like Farah Menswear from EJ Menswear, staying warm and cosy whilst looking our best is the goal for this chilly season. One of the winter essentials that every man needs in the wardrobe is a winter hat – here are the best winter hats to see you through the cold months of the year…

Beanie – These popular hats are a great winter all-rounder. They are cosy and sit close against the head to trap in the heat. You can find many styles available, so you can match it with your style, or whatever outfit you like whether casual or smart. If you are going to have one, choose a neutral colour that goes with as many outfits as possible.

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Flat-Cap – These were once the hat of the working classes – farmers, workmen and chimney sweeps were among the people who wore flat caps. But they are now a popular choice for a smart winter look. Wool and tweed are both good warm fabrics that these hats are made with making them a great choice for a smart winter look, that keeps your head cosy!

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Trapper Hat – These are perfect for people who spend a lot of time out in the wintery cold. The flaps that come down and cover the ears help the head stay warm, and they are usually lined in shearling, wool or fleece which makes them the warmest hats you can have in the winter.

Tips for decorating high ceilings

If you crave a little extra space, but all you have is vertical, this could pose some unique challenges when it comes to decorating.

Being the owner of a ceiling can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. A high ceiling can make a room feel luxurious and sophisticated, but it can also leave the space empty and a little cold. To avoid this, you need to blend in the area up and down by drawing the eye upward.

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Here are some ways to decorate high spaces and make the most of your soaring ceilings:

Install high artwork

Utilize empty space at the top of the wall to hang artwork and decorative designs. This could mean a typical display that runs the entire length of the room, or you can hang something high up on the wall.

Use architectural details

A lot of properties with high ceilings have beautiful original architectural detailing, such as exposed beams. If you do not, consider adding some. Adding details to the ceiling will help to create a more joined up feel in the room. Find out more about Oak Beams at a site like Timberpride, suppliers of Oak Beams.

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Statement lights

A chandelier makes a huge statement, especially when in a prominent place and it’s an ideal way to connect the upper and lower parts of a room. Where you position it will depend on the size and layout of the room but locating it in the middle of the ceiling is usually a good spot. Look for a piece that’s eye-catching but not necessarily heavy in scale. For example, crystal chandeliers can be a striking and elegant choice.

How to Choose a Roof Repair Specialist

There are a few things that you can do if you need help choosing a roofing contractor, and one of them is to consider the amount of experience that they have in roof repair, which will be listed on their website. You should also check out their insurance and membership of professional bodies. A roof repair company that has a great amount of experience will be able to handle any problems that may come up with the roof, such as water damage, hail damage, or fire damage. For help with Flat Roof Repair Bristol, visit a site like Aquagard flat roof repair Bristol

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Another thing that you should look into is the type of work that they do. For instance, if you own a flat roof, you may want to see if the roofing contractor is experienced with this kind of roof. Also, if you have a gutter system, you may want to make sure that the roofing contractor is an expert on gutter maintenance, because there are times when you may have issues with your gutters. Finally, if you own a house or apartment that does not have a roof, you will want to make sure that the roof repair specialist is also an expert on building code regulations. This way, they will know how to properly install the roof so that the structure does not cause any damage to neighbouring structures.

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The last thing you should do if you need some help choosing a roof repair contractor is to ask for references from people who have hired them in the past. These people will be able to give you a lot of information about their experience with the roofing company.

The Benefits Of Organic Foods

There are many benefits to using organic produce. One of the biggest is the fact that it does not require a huge investment in order to start seeing results. As with many aspects of health and wellness, research is still ongoing, but many people have found it to be extremely beneficial and have made the switch to organic for a variety of reasons. The benefits include the fact that it will save you money over the long run.

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Organic foods are proven to show positive results with regard to the consumer’s health and with regards to the consumer’s long term health. Organic fruits and vegetables are generally lower in pesticides, making them less toxic to the environment. Organic produce has a much lower environmental impact because organic farming does not use as much chemical fertilizers and herbicides compared to traditional methods of agriculture. Find out more about organic flavouring choices with Organic Vanilla Extract from a site like Foodie Flavours, a supplier of fine Organic Vanilla Extract.

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However, while the evidence that there is a benefit to organic foods is much stronger than other forms of agriculture, there is no scientific evidence that supports the belief that eating organic is good for the consumer’s overall health or even that eating organic causes anyone to gain weight. Still, even with these doubts, there is a general trend that people who are concerned about their diet and their bodies tend to be healthier and live longer lives.