10 things and important keys to understanding the average Social Marketing

The Social Media Marketing of the early Web 2.0 is far from starring the consumer today. Not for nothing is one who chooses what to buy and what is linked companies, which want to receive advertising and marketing what their emotions are unleashed, exercises power of decision.

Going through a cycle in which we combine the social Web with the ubiquitous Web, all increasingly from the autonomy that give us our tablets, seems to have time to understand and improve our marketing strategy in Social Media now that the migration comes to an end.

Listen, talk, giving, delivering quality, engage with consumers, are skills that any brand must develop if you are seeking the treasure of Social Media;the influence.

But what is Social Media Marketing at the present time and what are the keys to understand?

10 things and important keys to understanding the average Social MarketingOf scattered creativity to the planned innovation company SMM and indivisible

Demand for social networks can only increase. New professions emerge product of the need to articulate increasingly segmented form the various edges of the only opinions that build the network, increasingly powerful and ever larger.

The great challenge is to transform the present -always dispersion processes in creative-organized innovation.

Employee to entrepreneur, production model: Networkers

2.0 professionals are increasingly demanded and businesses are able to see how, visibility, openness and information derived from the interaction in Social Media, is an inexhaustible source of opportunities.

2012 will be the culmination of the transition to the employee 100% digital, a production model in which all users, consumers, producers and employees will be the same person. Now manufacturers have a direct communication channel with consumers, resulting in an ever dynamic marketing and fed back individual influences.

inherent in social media marketing and direct line with the reputation SCRM

The CRM or rather the SCRM, and will continue to increase social networks who hold the monopoly of exposure and assessment, public and consistent, the shares of brands.

The average social vs. economic crisis, a reality

At present the resources and access to them, are imitated. The economic situation, far from being part of the crisis, is transformed into a new reality in which it is necessary to land. The change is real; the production model and social order as a whole.

The rapid penetration of the education market, as well as non-profit organization and other industries that have remained on the sidelines, will be a reality in 2012 where Marketing in Social Media, is built to blow exchange of views, interests and needs.

Facebook is not Social Media

Change, dynamism, acceptance and innovation. All from the association of human beings and through interaction hyper segmented groups and constantly moving. It utopian to think that a single social network can hold the monopoly of a model that emerges integration and ubiquity as great strengths.

Blog and social profiles in different frameworks which interacts your target audience and competition are essential for any brand looking to be “influential”. Facebook is not all Social Media.

Metrics before, during and after objective: to quantify the effectiveness

Optimize the tools are becoming increasingly necessary before a ubiquitous, dynamic context, in real time and without limitations of any kind. Parametrize, analyze, manage and monitor, become indispensable actions to build a brand in today’s social ecosystem.

Investment, getting closer to be measured

Search ROI has been a target always looking for brands. However, 2011 left us closer to achieve when social action became a decisive variable in the search results.

The Community Manager, mirror SMM efficiency

Community Managers; marketing + = crisis management consolidation of influence. Undoubtedly, the CM have become a mirror in which we look at all that in one way or another, we seek to consolidate the brand that represents our provision of goods and / or services (and be recognized for it)

The new advertising, the message is the medium

The new advertising must be able to unleash emotions (thread of links) making an impact to your target audience with the message. Advertising which in 2012 completely away from the business goals.

Respect, quality inherent in the new leadership

Perhaps the “great challenge” for humans but undoubtedly the key to success in social media marketing. Respect is part of the new leadership and that is because it is imperative to build credibility and trust requirements “sine qua non” to achieve a successful social media strategy marketing.

A new cycle with big challenges … and did you noticed that they are all related to values and ethics? The Social Media Marketing is essential to build a brand and to understand it, we just need to put the customer as our only goal.

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