3 specialties within digital marketing with great professional future

It is well know to ascertain where trends are now in pay online. Of course this list is not static, and less in a field such as digital marketing.

Anticipate the future with good reason, to specialize before most and bet heavily on it can be very profitable to do it correctly and effectively. What will not change are thetwo facets that have to have a good marketer today:

– Artistic: very present to communicate persuasively within social media marketing strategies or inbound.

– Analytics: more numerical part. Reports of google analytics, social media reportings, CRM …

3 specialties within digital marketing with great professional future3 specialties in the digital marketing professional with great future

One of these specialties are more artistic and 2 more analytical proof that possibly in the future will be better paid analytical skills above artistic:

1- Strategist social media environments: Now when we talk about social networks talk much about terms related to management: community management, dashboards, reports online reputation.. I mean the profile that effectively sets a strategy the average social environment on which revolve all actions to carry out:

– In what social networks be, how many and most importantly: why be on them.

– What kind of actions to take to generate maximum impact according to the values of the brand.

– Total control techniques “social ads”.

2- Marketer of “big data”: a company with some online travel produces an indecent amount of data, and most marketers struggle to separate “the wheat from the chaff”. For this lover of analytic, its priorities are to:

– Implementation of appropriate software programs: CRM sales, suppliers …

– Generate relevant and productive for the company reports.

– Make strategic decisions to gain competitive advantages over the competition.

3- specialists “live marketing”: by that I mean those professionals who master the new buying trends scheduled and automated media such as display or email marketing. You can also note the following:

– Real time bidding: This is a bidding system in real time display, thus income is maximized to support and save costs for the advertiser.

– Email marketing in real time.

– Call center with immediate assistance (Whisbi technology for example).

These are three realities that are booming and will be taking more importance over time. That means who bet on these three specialties within digital marketing, has more options to be better paid in the near future.

Do you agree that these specialties will be important?

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