4 basic assumptions of customer service in social networks

Customer service through 2.0 channels is a growing trend. According to Conversocial, 80% of large retailers serve their customers through these means. Its great advantages lie in the simplicity of use and the convenience of the customer sending a message directly to the brand. Therefore, companies have to put their batteries and be able to respond to their customers’ requests through this route effectively.

To develop such tasks, there are some basic and essential premises that all companies should know and always have in mind.

4 basic assumptions of customer service in social networksIn customer service, time is money. Immediacy is the first name of Social Media, therefore, customers demand a response in the shortest possible time. This is a key factor, which will determine the degree of customer satisfaction. The average response time, according to the clients, should be 30 minutes, a time that unfortunately is still not met, except for honorable exceptions. Simply Measured indicates that during the first quarter of the year only 1 in 3 companies responds to their customers through Twitter, and in addition the average response time is around 6 hours.

Form adequately the personnel that is in charge of this service. At the head of the customer service department 2.0 there must be qualified personnel, who know both the nature of social networks and how to respond to solve consumer requests. Therefore, you have to master the tools, be diligent and possess communicative skills to be able to react appropriately in each moment. Its purpose is to get satisfied customers, both with the company and with the service.

Turn the tortilla over. Try by all means turn negative comments into positive . It acts under the premise that a complaint is an opportunity for improvement. Therefore, try to empathize with the client, put yourself in their place and demonstrate your firm purpose to help you. Take public responsibility for the company, give it a useful solution and follow up on your problem until it is solved. If it is a particularly personal matter, take it to a private area, such as by mail, or by asking for a telephone number, and return to the public space once it is resolved. Remember to ask for forgiveness, and always give thanks.

Meet your customers and tailor your service to their needs. Through the channels they prefer, concentrating more resources on those who have more activity. If you do not have the ability to offer a 24/7 service, clearly show your schedule. Not as a negative, but for information, as an advantage: in that time you will be willing to attend to your needs as soon as possible.

Customer service through social networks is no longer an option, brands have to put their batteries and be aware of the need to be there when their customers need it. These are the basic premises what other keys would you add?

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