4 profiles for perfect marketing campaign

Today marketing campaigns need different and complementary skills. Therefore, in many cases be translated to, different people or digital profiles are going to have to permeate to perfection this point is central to:

  1. The consistency of the whole campaign, that all the efforts go in the same line of communication with the potential customer.
  2. Avoid coordination problems in the team.
  3. Meet the “timings” and marked goals in the campaign.

4 profiles for perfect marketing campaignThe 4 profiles for a perfect marketing campaign

If you are thinking you need to create an effective marketing campaign absolutely going to have to take the eye to the following people:

  1. Profile of planning and strategy: first of all it is to cover some key points where a person who has the ability to get a more global view and repair the following is required:

– Setting targets for the campaign.

– Definition of the target or target audience.

– Channels that can be used.

  1. Creative Profile: When the 1st person manages to pull out a detailed strategic part whole report is the turn of that person able to ride the entire line of communication for all actions to be carried out. Therefore you must have the following strengths:

– Artistic to draw a message to the audience engagement skills.

– Techniques of persuasive communication.

  1. Profile Design: creative profile with a second report that overlaps with the first is generated.All this is what reaches the designer to shape and get:

– Plasma all imputes strategy and creative reliably.

– Getting a first positive and pleasing to the eye visual impact.

– The design does not hamper the part of usability and navigability.

  1. Analytical Profile: here comes the moment of truth to see if the previous 3 people did a good job or not. If the work cannot be measured, it cannot improve or evaluate the success or failure of the campaign. For this very specific work needs:

– Undeniable skill for numbers.

– Ability to report results understandably.

– Learn to draw relevant conclusions to implement improvements and to reflect the rest of the team.

As you can see, it requires a team attuned to aspire to create a memorable campaign, impacting appropriately to the potential audience and provide measurable results towards the objectives set.

Would you consider a success to have these 4 professional profiles?

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