5 creative ways to improve SEO through Content Marketing

According to Mashable more than 2 million articles are written in thousands of blogs every day trying to basically achieve one goal: to capture the attention of decision makers IT.

In an ideal world, it would be great to hand deliver your content to all IT managers with your proposals and solutions to their problems. Since you can not have personal contact, you must use organic search as part of your content strategy to deliver your solutions at the time that the directors are looking for.

For example, imagine that your company provides a solution that allows executives achieve their budget goals for this year, and that could also help you achieve your future projections. That executive may already be draining your budget, and urgently need to find a fair solution like yours.However, the issue itself IT budget, you may find it boring, even if it needs to be addressed by the benefits that would capture this potential customer.

5 creative ways to improve SEO through Content MarketingSome topics may seem “boring” and from the perspective of SEO, some longtail keywords like “IT budget for small businesses” when you employ organic search strategies may be necessary. 16% of daily and Google searches are new searches, and it is amazing how many different phrases that can be used to search the related concept “IT budget.”

It is difficult to stay involved with issues that you are bored, and even more difficult to engage and keep your audience interested if you do not care for it yourself. You need to write stories that are easy to find, especially for issues that would not result in a particularly exciting start. Here are some suggestions to keep your active creativity in these cases.

Drafts for a “real” person with real problems

Visualize a person with the identity of your ideal consumer. Although this person is fictional, it represents an audience with real problems in real situations. Always displays the way your text or multimedia content will resonate in your life.

When you can imagine your reader as a person, a real individual, it is easier to write and put on your skin, to present your items from their point of view.

In developing characters based on your type of consumer patterns you can make a positive impact on your content marketing strategy and SEO. You can project that you understand their daily lives and they really understand the conflicts and needs they face in their work day.

Writes freely and optimizes later.

Say a friend asks you for help to paint a sunset in the mountains. You could take a few minutes to contemplate the blank canvas, while the image forms in your mind. But just when you’re about to start, your friend applies several strokes and explains that they are “necessary” for the part. Your task is more complicated just because your creativity has been restricted.

That’s basically what you’re doing when you write with the demands of SEO always in your mind. Of course, SEO is important, but if your article is not attractive, optimization means nothing. In addition, social signals being increasingly important in sorting algorithms, creating “shareable” content is more important than ever before.

It is better to devote yourself to write freely on the subject. Do fluently should create a text that tells the search engines the necessary information about your article and give you a good keyword density. So after you finish, you can always go back to your text and add keywords which work more naturally in the article.

After finishing your first draft, it is easy to optimize for SEO, but it is almost impossible to increase their creativity.

Plan a strategy and an editorial calendar

According to a recent study conducted by the Agency Digital Marketing Initiatives Virtual less than 5% of organizations have a formal marketing strategy content. So to simply create a strategy and planning your content will serve to overtake most of your competitors.

When you plan a strategy and set, you can decide what issues you want to address is allowed to mature for a while. You can allocate more time to research, documentation, generating ideas and get feedback. All these elements are key to the development of creative concepts on the issues that need to cover.

Think like an editor and not as an SEO consultant

As a blogger, you rarely sell something directly in your messages, and therefore it is not absolutely necessary to sell the reader with your content.As with a sales letter, you only get one chance to make the sale through the contents have more than one.

Do not think your header as an advertisement for your article. Your first sentence is an opening for your second sentence. Your first paragraph, you guessed it, is an opening of the next, until you reach your call to action can bring development article correctly and maintain interest until the end.

When you investigate and you Documentas on new issues you should keep your eyes open as they can surgirte new ideas to incorporate into your content marketing plan.

Be creative with the issues you address and your keywords variations

The challenges in marketing products or services are not derived little known that the products are unattractive. It is rather a problem of transmission of information between vendors and customers to make us your questions or information about the benefits of it.

A typical “elevator speech” includes the product solves a problem, for who solves and how it solves. For example, say “We assume the burden of IT budget management by providing comprehensive planning tool for routine investments, while large and unexpected expenses are reduced with an appropriate financing plan.” But if you dig deeper, you can find a ridiculous amount of ways that potential customers can turn logically reach that solution.

One way to accomplish this is to segment your buyers by common characteristics, such as weaknesses or goals they hope to achieve with your product. The evaluate where your potential customers are located in the sales cycle can also help you determine the search keywords and social issues that can focus to deliver more targeted content to them.

Your current customers can also give you information that the analysis can not provide. For example, you can discover through a survey that more than one customer bought your IT solution after a failure of your data center, and quickly realized how expensive it would be another solution while conducting an online research.

If as a result of this information composing a target people who are in this same situation article, other readers may be interested and buy your product too.

Finally, remember that content marketing strategy and SEO go hand in hand and we offer interesting and relevant content not only for search engines but also for our potential customers.

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