6 characteristics that must have a successful newsletter

Email, today, has become the main tool for companies to continuously and directly communicate with other people. Every day, a lot of mails are sent; making becomes a suitable means for organizations to manage the relationship with their customers by attracting, developing and retaining them.

In this sense, electronic newsletters are periodical publications that are sent by email to Internet through massively and dealing with one or more topics of interest to your audience. Among the main uses; They are: advertising, marketing, invitations to events, promotions, surveys, reports, corporate information, news, collections, etc …

6 characteristics that must have a successful newsletterThen the most important features that should have an electronic newsletter to be successful and the message would indeed transmit exposed:

It is authorized: It must ask permission from customers to get email addresses and build certified lists approved communications sent by the company; otherwise, you run the risk of being classified as spam and create a negative perception of the brand.

It has a frequency appropriate: Do not saturate the media with a lot of communications; as the recipient of these messages you can feel bombarded, causing the opposite effect. Recommended is to send two monthly newsletters; may send a third party with information generated being the recipient.

It is highly segmented: Based on the demographic information and study habits, you can make segmentation in the contact lists in order to make the content more relevant. And interest to the public of the organization

Have an appropriate title: The title is very important because it determines that a newsletter is read or not. To be effective; must: capture the main idea, have a length less than 50 characters, draw attention and engage the person who is reading.

The sender is real: The company was authorized to send the newsletter should be the one that is as sender in the email to be sent; thus maintaining the same name so that the person receiving the communication can recognize more easily

The content is accurate: The newsletter should contain a message that is consistent, clear and simple. The information must be timely and relevant enough to generate added value and differentiation from the competition.

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