68% of customers waiting for a response on Twitter in a maximum of 3 hours

Users seek care brands through social networks. In this aspect, Twitter is a fast and effective means to connect directly, as long as the marks so wish. 

68% of customers waiting for a response on Twitter at a maximum of 3 hours, according to the study of Iterakt focused on telecommunications companies. A term that is not always true. Their data show that companies like AT & T or T-Mobile respond in half an hour, and via Twitter. Instead, others like Verizon need up to 20 hours to give signs of life.

68% of customers waiting for a response on Twitter in a maximum of 3 hoursThe degree of commitment from customers depend largely on the ability of brands to serve their customers in a timely manner.

Thus, the study indicates that 20% of customers stopped to follow a brand because it offered nothing interesting. The main incentives that lead customers to follow a brand are to benefit from offers, updates and customer request. If these targets are not met, customers choose to go to where they came, thereby being undermined confidence in the brand. 30% of respondents were seriously considering the fact to maintain the link with the brand through social networks when it has not responded to its request.

This same feeling of abandonment also experienced by customers of other businesses, is not exclusive to the phone. The study Lithium indicates that 53% of customers expect a response via Twitter in less than an hour, when it comes to answering a question, whereas if it comes attend to complaints, 72% believe that one hour is more than enough for the company to act time.

Rob Tarkoff, CEO of Lithium shows that we are in the era of marketing in real time, and display businesses agile and have the ability to act. It depends on maintaining customer satisfaction, and position itself as a trusted brand. 57% of the customer is not willing to repeat the experience with a brand that has failed to keep up. Not being able to respond quickly in 140 characters may cost the company dearly.

Meanwhile, an effective response has a positive impact for brands. 43% of customers who obtain an effective response through social media actively recommend the brand in their environment, while 42% publicly praise the brand, praising their good work. On the other hand, 38% of customers is more willing to hire the services of a company that has good customer service 2.0.

Definitely, the customer through social networking is a reality. Users require attention from brands, and they must be prepared to respond.

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