7 keys to improving the engagement of facebook fans

As I mentioned in a recent article, “Engagement on Facebook” is one of the most relevant metrics on your fan page. Every Like, comment and post share, counts as part of the “Engagement” you have with members of your community. A high engagement will help you expand the reach of your message and reach more people. If, on the contrary, the Engagement of your page is low, you have many chances of becoming invisible within the facebook universe.

To follow the thread of that  article, we added seven new tips to the same. Feel essential keys that will undoubtedly help us improve and increase Engagement and interaction with facebook fans. 

7 keys to improving the engagement of facebook fansChallenge the intelligence of your fans

Challenge them to do some action on your page and demonstrate how smart, smart and alert they are. Puzzles without solution; Mental games; Images that hide something; Unfinished phrases that they must finish; Or math problems, are ideal activities to challenge the followers of your brand and help them have a fun time. It tests with different levels of complexity, so that the participation is massive. Remember, it’s not an intelligence contest, it’s just a fun activity. 

Share the life of your company. Humanize the brand

Photos of part of the team; Corporate videos; Christmas or birthday celebrations; Opening of new offices; Or achieved some milestone or important goal for your brand, are situations that you can perfectly share with fans. Face the people in the customer service department. Highlight some important event in your office or just share a fun moment of the day. Humanizing the brand is not just talking about you to yourself, it is putting eyes and faces on those who work in the company. 

Try to respond to all comments

While it is difficult to answer all of the comments, try to do it with the majority. According to a study almost 40% of US users would consider not buying the products of companies that do not respond to comments that they leave their customers on Facebook or Twitter. 

Do not delete negative comments

Having clear usage rules on your facebook page, where you include the content and comments that will not be allowed, will give you valid tools and arguments to erase opinions, if they do not comply with the rules. Try not to delete negative comments, even if they are complaints and / or unsubstantiated claims. It is a good opportunity to clarify situations and make the opinion of the brand evident. Only censors the comments, when flagrantly violate the rules that must be respected in your community. 

Launch exclusive contests and promotions for your fans

They do not have to be spectacular draws. A book, a discount coupon, an entry, an exclusive t-shirt, and the like are practical that help keep your audience attentive to your activities. 

Use “Call To Actions” that incite an interaction.

Ask the fans to do what you’ve posted; That comment the post; Who give their opinion, or who share it, increases the number of people who interact with the brand. According to studies, when fans are asked to share a message, this is shared at a speed 7 times faster. 

Promote your posts. With the Facebook tool “Post-promoted”

Use the new tool to promote posts to reach more people. The sponsored posts not only assure you an audience, appearing in the news feed of the followers of the page, but also increases the scope of your information, as they appear in the news feed of friends of people who interact with The post.

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