84% of companies this year strengthened its online marketing strategy locally

At short distances the great battles are won. So they think them have had big brands, who this year plan to get closer to their customers, allocating more resources to their actions locally.

As reflected in the report published by Balihoo, 84% of companies this year strengthened its online marketing strategy locally. This involves hiring announcements taking into account the geographical orientation of the campaign, local SEO optimization, and mobile strategies, among others.

Balihoo indicates that 4 out of 10 users local searches performed at least once a day. Meanwhile, the Business Insider report indicates that in the United States 74% of smartphone users use services based on geolocation.In addition, 3 out of 4 of these mobile users was more likely to take action from a proposal based on its location, even 55% is more willing go to a store after receiving this type of specific messages.

84% of companies this year strengthened its online marketing strategy locallyThe studio “How brands can execute Campaigns at national scale” reflects that 75% of brands and invests in local marketing, although only 8% of them are really pleased with the results. It should also add that a third of respondents believe that their actions are effective in attracting customers and lead to the establishment.

How can brands optimize their local marketing strategy?

Balihoo believes that one of the reasons for the poor performance of mobile strategy lies in the analysis of what they are doing and the study of what is really what they should do.

For 76% of marketers it is important to have a website focused on local commerce, although only 22% actually prioritizes this element within its local marketing strategy.

Another essential factor is that the SEO strategy has a local orientation, yet only 18% conferred the importance it really has.

Definitely, users seek solutions in their immediate environment. They prefer to shop in the corner florist, enjoying the benefits of online commerce, or having restaurants around you launch personalized offers.This is possible today thanks to a marketing strategy aimed at local level.Everything depends on that companies have adequate means and make use of professional services.

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