9 great lies of digital marketing

The digital marketing, as all materials that can analyze, is no stranger to urban legends, lies or uncomfortable truths. Perhaps because the digital world is moving very fast and not so many years that we are immersed in a world 2.0 makes there are certain concepts floating and transmitted from users to users, without being able to deny adamantly so that you can convey a knowledge bases common sense and hire help marketing services knowing what to expect.

9 great lies of digital marketingThe big lies are as follows:

1- Social networks are free: the social media world requires generating content, maintains an active community, to connect slowly with potential customers and to carry it out we may need some payment tools. Although not we hire any payment, the time needed is resources we spend so yes social networks have cost.

2- The Google Adwords CPC model makes all this go well: how many times have I heard “we put the ad they clicked because if we have free poster”. That’s not going well because if you do not get clicks google will ask you to increase the CPC and if at the end of all do not get clicks the ad eventually disappear. That on the one hand, and if you do things right you can lose a lot of money on this channel.

3- “The email marketing is dead”: if it is true that the deliverability has become more complicated with time and people are a wee bit saturated with both email but remains one of the most powerful tools on acquisition and retention customer.

4- Content marketing has invented the digital era: that’s completely false, it will be that no journalists for years in print media content used to present and attract readers to certain products or services.

5- “To exit first SEM (Adwords) all you have to do is pay more” to get in first position indeed there are two main factors: one is what you pay for in CPC and the other there are people who do not it takes into account is the “cuality score”. In this second concept is the relevance and quality of this announcement in any way: if the landing page is appropriate, historical announced in adwords, if the keywords used are appropriate….

6- “With be well positioned in Google I have it all done” with that you have a major part made but remember that google is changing and you can change the parameters of the overnight and all the work done you can go to fret . Tip: Do not put all your eggs the same letter and diversifies your marketing actions.

7- “If I write many articles and get many links in SEO will be king”: here is worth little more well done, ie, links that make sense and pages that have good reputation. As for the items they should be able to provide value to users with interesting information or entertain.

8- “The main mission of a community manager is to get followers”: apart from that, you have to manage an entire user community with all that that entails.

9- The key is to have a rather large data base: that is large does not mean anything because it can be completely inactive if it has captured so that makes no sense with the objective we want.

What are for you the great lies of digital marketing?

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