9 YouTube channels required to be current on digital marketing

Increasingly, users are accustomed to doing more research about digital marketing on youtube. It is for this reason that youtube channels oriented digital marketing is increasingly necessary. There are certain content (software installations or tutorials for google analytics for example), the video provides a differential value.

The C generation needs more video content. The audiovisual content generated more engagement. It is more expensive to make but the effort is worth it, just need to get some statistics on key future:

  • 2017 3 billion video minutes will be generated on the internet.
  • 2017 will be the first year that video will be the first source of online traffic.

9 Youtube channels required to be current on digital marketing9 channels of YouTube needed to be a day in digital marketing

These are the ones that I follow, the vast majority is Americans. This topic provides a step above remain, although nothing is eternal.

1- Channel Kissmetrics: Your tutorials are really useful and specific. How well they produced that are also appreciated. They only have 23 videos but I’ll agree when you see.

2- Channel Lewis Howes: One of the best personal brands of America and a celebrity in digital marketing. They are simple but entertaining videos to get good advice on marketing.

3- Google Webmaster Channel: Videos of Matt Cutts could not miss in this list. Whenever he leaves a video him, the whole community of SEO’s is vigilant in case.

4- Matthew Woodward Channel: This famous marketer from UK is characterized by producing advanced tutorials on SEO, link building, very good blogging… Material if you are already started.

5- Rouiainen Lasse Channel: Expert video and social media marketing techniques. Usually hang short video with tips on these two issues in particular.

6- Channel HubSpot: This software company in the cloud is leading the so – called inbound marketing (content + SEO + Social media in the same strategy, explained quickly) and how could it be otherwise, the video content is excellent.

7- Channel MOZ: MOZ offers very good solutions for SEO, are famous video produced by their slates. Of course, the videos are very much in line SEO tips.

8- Channel Ramit Sethi: If you want to generate wealth online, your videos are your choice.His motto “I will teach you to be rich”, all you said no?

9- Channel Halperm Derek: Well known for its social project triggers. His videos are very educational and entertaining. Highly recommended if you’re just starting out and need support guides.

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