Being in social networks is not a guarantee of success and without strategy is a waste of time

Measuring ROI in Social Media is one of the great challenges facing brands. According to Marketing Charts, 7 out of 10 companies indicate that it is very important to analyze the results of their efforts in this area, although it is difficult to measure. 

Being in social networks is not a guarantee of success and without strategy is a waste of timeHowever, although it is not easy, it is essential for companies to measure the impact of their actions on social networks; So that they can make use of this data in order to optimize their strategy, and with this, to make the investment profitable.

In order to develop your online presence in social networks, it is not enough to open a profile “to see what happens”; But that the performance of the brands must meet previously defined objectives; It is also very important to identify the KPI’s, which allow to determine to follow the evolution of the strategy.

On the other hand, Andrew O’Shaughnessy, CEO of Newsweaver, stresses that to achieve success in social networks is essential to invest large amounts of resources, Otherwise, it will be difficult to appreciate significant changes. In addition, he emphasized that this is a new medium, in constant evolution, where it is expedient to act quickly and put all the meat on the grill, Only this way you can achieve the expected results.

In conclusion, being in social networks is no guarantee of success; Nor are they free, or anyone can manage them. Instead, they require proper planning, just like any other online marketing action, and to be fully convinced of what they want to achieve and how much they are willing to invest to achieve it. On the other hand, a “half” presence, being to be, can only lead to failure and consequent loss of time and money.

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