Companies that take advantage of mobile marketing will get a competitive advantage

Mobile marketing, with a rate of growth that increases each year and a ROI of 32%, the great business opportunity for all businesses 

“Mobile marketing is the set of actions that allows companies to communicate and interact with their audience in a relevant and interactive way through any network and mobile device,” as defined by the Mobile Marketing Association. According to its 5th Investment Study Mobile Marketing and Advertising this activity is gaining importance within companies, if we consider the annual growth rate, which has risen from 45% in 2011 to 65% estimated for 2013, with an investment of 152 million dollars.

Companies that take advantage of mobile marketing will get a competitive advantageToday, smartphones are an important channel of communication and in the case, the leader in smartphone penetration with 66% country. 82% of users perform searches on a product or service, according to Behavioral Study of users on mobile devices developed by e-interactive; mobile marketing also becomes linchpin for local businesses, as 88% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone and 86% ends up performing an action. Also these devices represent a great opportunity for advertisers, in fact 83% of smartphone users see mobile ads. But not only is an advantage for online business and in principle one might think, since the same report states that 68% perform a search on their smartphone after seeing an offline ad, ie, mobile marketing offers advantages to both companies online and offline businesses.

These positive data show the opportunity offered by mobile marketing for companies who enter this field. In the words of Hernán Rodriguez, CEO of AECOM and Director of the Master in Mobile business U-tad, “we are facing a real revolution in the way we communicate and interact with consumers through mobile devices.

Companies that take advantage of these possibilities get a competitive advantage over their competitors. “ Considering also that mobile marketing campaigns have an average return on investment of 32%, much higher than usual in marketing, according to Luth Research and SoundBite, there is no doubt that companies who want to succeed they require specialized professionals in mobile marketing, as happens with other profiles derived from the digital revolution.

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