Content marketing is essential, but good strategies and resources are needed

The power of Marketing and Communication is now available to any company thanks to the internet, but only 35% are willing to form

Different recent studies emphasize that it is essential to use digital marketing in SMEs. However, they make clear that, although their importance is recognized by most small and medium enterprises (55% use social networks, 90% have websites), only 35% intend to train their workers.

In SMEs, there is a lack of training and there is a lack of strategies to deal with the new digital realization and to use all its advantages.

Content marketing is essential, but good strategies and resources are neededMarketing is about finding our unique value and communicating it to our current and potential customer. SMEs now have, in a much more affordable way and thanks to the internet, the power to make known their differential value and communicate it without having to invest large amounts of money in advertising, hitherto only accessible to big brands and companies.

The minimum digitalization of an SME passes through:

  • To have as main platform an impeccable web
  • Definition of our keywords , which define our unique value, differentiate us from our competition and focus on our sector
  • Do a minimal SEO check to optimize our website in search engines and make our keywords are well configured
  • Presence in the right social networks : essential, simply because 8 out of 10 Internet users are in networks (especially Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google)
  • … but above all, the most important thing is to start a good strategy in content that makes our website visible on the network to our public, put us as experts in our sector and, in the end, generate more sales

In order to communicate our current and potential customers with our unique value, we must be able to generate content related to our activity and our unique value that attract attention that is relevant to our audience and which is willing to disseminate and share Their interest.

One of the key steps in developing a  good content strategy is to make a selection of themes or territories related to our sector, our activity and our unique value. These topics will always be of maximum interest to our audience.

This pre-selection of topics defines the choice of external content (for retuits, updates, related news, …) and own (blog posts, newsletter, …) and allows us to be present in the digital world consistently And in line with a defined and agreed strategy, embodied in an editorial calendar.

To develop and implement a good Content Strategy, it is necessary to use a professional, a communication expert with digital experience, who can introduce your company quickly in the 2.0 world, but always taking into account that this relationship is not forever. It is very important that the external person who addresses this work is a trustworthy person, who at the same time implements the strategy to form someone in the company so that he can carry out this work internally in the medium and long term, which is the best thing.

Content Marketing is the first priority for the big digital marketing managers and the most important thing to develop in 2013, but they need good strategies and sufficient resources to carry it out.

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