Content marketing requires planning, strategy and human resources

The latest report from the Marketing Institute highlights the fact that companies, to see more effectiveness in their content marketing efforts, should consider working with partners that offer both strategies and human resources.

When the vendors were asked if they hired agencies or consultants to develop their content marketing strategies, most agreed that the former are usually considered as sources of human resources, which provide the indispensable fuel at this moment: content. The consultants, on the other hand, are seen as people who contribute ideas and diverse points of view on content marketing strategies.

What do companies need? Precisely to the two, that is, a person who performs a high quantity strategy and, on the other hand, content providers, who will be responsible for executing the ideas of the previous one.

The answers they offered for this report are very similar to the survey conducted by HiveFire at the beginning of the year, where special emphasis was placed on the need for advice. Vendors say they struggle to find the ideal way to adjust content in their global marketing strategies, and a third of them say they often have problems measuring the effectiveness of their marketing.

In the report we saw that 7 out of 10 respondents believe that finding, organizing and sharing content is more important than ever, and it is clear that almost half of marketers adopt content as part of their overall strategy, 42 % knows it but does not put it into practice and 85% of all that group has sent at least once content in any of its forms but without being aware of it.

The HiveFire study also found that the main objectives when drawing a content marketing strategy are establishing leadership and improving a brand.

At the same time, almost three-quarters of merchants say they struggle with the creation of original content for lack of time to make them, making it clear that the search for good writers is also essential for content marketing campaigns.

Companies are aware that they must hurry because they know that those who start working on the content marketing plan earlier, will have more competitive advantages.

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