Content Marketing: Why is it so important and how to take advantage of it?

Content Marketing continues to be one of the fundamental pillars and most important in any digital strategy. Content must be present in every marketing strategy that matters. It is its main asset, and as such must be careful; Maintaining both its quality and frequency of updating.

We are in full revolution of content as a revulsive in the communication of marks

The volume of information published on the Internet has multiplied by 9 in the last 5 years, and is expected to quadruple in 2015. The latest study from MailOnline confirms that brands are committed to content marketing. 3 out of 4 companies include it in their online communication strategy; In addition, 69% want to increase their investment in this area in the coming years.

Content Marketing Why is it so important and how to take advantage of itSMEs are the ones that allocate more resources to content marketing. According to the latest Benchmarks, Budget and Trends, published by the CMI and sponsored by Outbrain, SMEs are the most resources dedicated to content marketing, earning 31% of its budget, compared to 24% of large. A trend that will increase this year.

Another related study, in this case developed by software Curata, revealed that engagement was the goal of content marketing most frequently cited among companies (80%) and far from others such as the increase in sales (47%), , Educate the market (47%), create opinion (56%), increase traffic on the web (27%) or SEO (24%).

The so popular phrase “content is king” is not only a topic, but a verifiable truth, which is sustained with compelling reasons.

  • It contributes to loyalty to the audience.
  • It keeps the attention of the receiver and helps to assimilate the message better.
  • It generates quality leads, at a very advantageous cost. For every dollar invested, it generates about three times as many leads as traditional marketing.
  • Increases direct sales.
  • It is highly profitable, costs up to 62% better than traditional marketing actions.

Companies find content marketing particularly useful, as it allows them to showcase their experience and at the same time deliver value to their customers. 60% of companies plan to increase their budget on content marketing, and are many reasons  that can justify this decision.

  • The client is provided usable knowledge (this would be convenient) on topics of interest to him
  • This knowledge can help us to better position ourselves in the client’s mind
  • It can have a called effect on our brand
  • We can generate an image of I understand / experts in the services provided by our products / services
  • These contents reduce the distrust with respect to our brand
  • Help in the decision to purchase our products
  • They make us referrals for the client, therefore reliable
  • It prints an image of impartiality that helps in the client’s vision in its “problem”
  • If we have products with clear competitive advantages, knowledge is vital to highlight them
  • A well-informed customer who has at his disposal quality content, are much more easily loyal customers

On the other hand, the users demand that the companies contribute them content:

  • 80% value the information provided by the brands.
  • 70% prefer to consume content on a brand, rather than having to “swallow” their ads.
  • 60% confirm that reading this kind of information serves you when making your purchasing decisions.
  • 68% of consumers spend part of their time reading content about brands that interest them.
  • 57% read the headlines of this type of information at least once a month.
  • On average, users spend 20% of their time online consuming content.
  • In addition, it generates a positive attitude toward the brand (82%):
  • 60% enjoy consuming quality content
  • 70% feel more attached to the brand thanks to what it brings through its content strategy.

Content Marketing, Not Without Strategy

One of the key steps in developing a good content strategy is to make a selection of themes or territories related to our sector, our activity and our unique value. These topics will always be of maximum interest to our audience. Strategy, a vital and fundamental aspect in content marketing. Content Marketing is the first priority not only for small businesses, but also for the big digital marketing managers, but they need good strategies and sufficient resources to carry it out.

The importance of the quality and relevance of the context

Without stories or quality content, traditional communication is lost. Companies and brands feel the need to communicate. Moreover, they are obliged to communicate in order to continue to maintain their visibility and visibility. In this way, companies develop their communication strategies to broadcast their messages and make them reach their target audiences. However, communication to sell more no longer sells because it does not take advantage of the true power of attraction to achieve its goals. It is necessary not only to draw attention, but also to offer relevant information that the audience itself is willing to disseminate and share, which will finally serve to expand our message and notoriety, thus expanding our borders and borders.

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