Do you attend your ‘counter’ in social networks?

When an organization is present in social networks, you have to be aware that there is one more counter of your company, and a counter that has to be attended. And for that, an ideal scenario would be one in which the organization had involved all its members in its Digital Marketing strategy.

A very common scenario is one in which the employer has decided to be on social networks, and entrusts someone from the organization, or someone outside, usually a nephew who has many friends on tuenti, to open channels on all social networks, without Import if they are the ones that best adapt to the type of organization or service that is offered.

Once present in each and every one of the social networks, during the first days is devoted to spam trying to sell each and every one of its products through channels in which users do not intend to buy. After a few weeks doing this, he gives up and leaves some completely abandoned profiles, but well decorated with the name and logo of the company.

After the time, you can see how the walls of these organizations are full of unanswered queries and obviously very good for the image of the company does not seem to be.

A less common scenario among SMEs, but fortunately increasingly frequent, is one in which the entrepreneur, before making the leap to Social Networks, seeks the advice of professionals and prepares the organization, in an orderly manner, looking for all its members get involved.

This is the ideal scenario in which once the objectives are defined, the social networks that best adapt to the company based on these objectives are identified, prepare a strategy, train their employees and put at the head of it an internal professional , having external advice at those times when the situation requires it.

As the whole organization is involved, communication will flow more quickly to those responsible for responding to these channels. These organizations do not spam, but interact with their followers, attending their queries and creating a community around a brand that Thanks to these actions, it will be more human and closer to society.

These do serve their counters in social networks, maintaining a good image of the brand on the Internet that will move to offline. Social networks can contribute a lot to an organization, but they will not do it on their own and if they are treated as a game and are not well managed, can bring very bad consequences for our company.

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