Engagement: The great challenge of brands in social media

Much is said about engagement in social media and although some understand what it is, not everyone is able to satisfy and keep their audience active and interested. It is no longer about having more followers and fans than your competitors, if there is no interaction you are only accumulating numbers.

Engagement The great challenge of brands in social mediaEngagement is one of the most important goals in any social media strategy correctly posed.

It is about building a bond with the audience, getting their attention and commitment to the brand, integrating followers into a two way conversation, in which users feel more than participants, protagonists. However, it is one of the most difficult variables to achieve, since we are talking about getting interest in segments of our target that are often diverse and demanding.

Yes, it is difficult but not impossible. The design of a communication strategy aligned to the image and the objectives of the brand is the starting point. In this article, we list ten actions that will allow a brand to establish a quality conversation with its audience.

  • Get attention. You need to have a hearing. Design a strategy that includes promotions in social networks and communicate them through ads.
  • Differentiate yourself, do not say or do the same thing as everyone else.
  • Understand the interests of your audience. Know your target and anticipate to their interests, will give a great advantage, that if you know to take advantage will generate very interesting results.
  • It delivers content of value, useful, practical and relevant. Be fun do not be monothematic, your audience does not want you to sell, you want to constant without saturating. That you do more publications does not mean that you will read more, do not let them forget you but do not talk without stopping.
  • Listen and act accordingly to the needs and changes suggested or requested by your community. It is not only to apologize, it is to compensate and above all, not to commit the same fault again.
  • Be proactive. Avoid situations of crisis, anticipates and you will save customers dissatisfied and negative recommendations.
  • Innova, people love being first in everything. Tell them what to say, point to the position of leader even if you are not.
  • Do not just thank, reward loyalty. Let’s face it, people like to receive prizes and this has a very powerful positive viral effect.
  • Be honest and admit your faults. A true relationship is based on trust. But try to improve to maintain that confidence.
  • Monitors and measures results. If you have no idea what you’ve achieved with the content strategy you’ve raised, you’ve wasted your time and worse, you’ve wasted your audience time.

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