Evolution Marketing: The 4 levers to attract customers

Nothing escapes the evolution internet is making strides, consumers clamor for constant innovations to satisfy their needs and the marketing world is adapting to a reality in permanent change, yes, and the goal remains the same: to bring companies and brands to their final customer. This entire paradigm leads to:

– The user is ultra informed, are mostly rich (there is access to many free services) and it is increasingly difficult to surprise them.

– Companies cannot afford not to be at all times learning about new marketing techniques. When there is a methodology that works, the next week will surely have to make improvements.

Evolution Marketing The 4 levers to attract customersConsequently, if we look back, we will see how marketing has changed their language, the clear strength

The evolution of marketing

Many years will have passed that years ago, you were getting into your first class marketing and you let loose the first great concept. And there were four levers that allow you to reach your customers: the 4 P’s:

– Product / Price / Promotion / Place: marking the product, price, promotion and distribution had virtually everything done properly to connect effectively with your potential customers.

As part of promotion is going to vary, came a new school of thought introduced by Robert F. pointing in the 4 large levers, as it somehow, and were not the 4 P’s. It was 4 C’s:

– Consumer / Cost / Convenience / Communication: here was the first turn putting the focus on the consumer. Instead of looking at both the product and the mission of the company, now matter more if the consumer had no real need or what he was offering.

The current marketing 4 leverage to attract customers

Now, today, there has been a new twist, the final evolution (light time) is as follows:

Once it has come strongly methodologies such as Inbound Marketing or Social Media Marketing, there is a “twist” more in the 4 C’s to focus on the following 4 major levers:

1- Community: If you intend to retain your customers, one of your biggest goals is to engage with you, sharing your content, you follow and a state of permanent connection is generated. Internet communities now move mountains.

2- Content: create, distribute and locate valuable content will make your customers when they search an interesting for them information they’ll find you and be much closer to your products and services much more genuine way, at the right time and so little intrusive.

3- Conversation: Are you listening to your customers? Before there were no social networks and users had no voice but now have it. Hence the change in your communication channels has to have an active conversation with your customers so that allows you to understand and give them what they need.

4- Connection: on your social networks, you have, added users or fans? Internet contacts must be of quality. A large mass of inactive people is useless.

As we have seen, evolution is necessary because customers have changing needs. Companies must make this journey with them to keep a close pitch and not be disengaged from reality. The marketing goes with them everywhere

Do you think this evolution of marketing logic? These 4 levers are relevant?

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