Google and Pinterest, the sleeping lions of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary and very useful for performing digital marketing strategies. Organic positioning helps make a brand visible on the internet, it is able to increase visits to a website and catapult the content it generates.

SEO is so important to the point that many marketers consider it above an SEM strategy, because it is capable of giving value and visibility in the long run. That is why, it is recommended to small businesses, who do not have a large advertising budget, to focus on SEO, and then apply other strategies online.

Google and Pinterest, the sleeping lions of SEOThere are different tools to work the SEO of a web. Today, social networks occupy a privileged place to influence the positioning of the brand in the search engines. As a token of this we can emphasize the change made by Google, in its search algorithm, to include in the results the relevant content that is published in these networks.

Social networks are able to increase our organic positioning effectively, but ignorance about this advantage is high. What causes that not take full advantage of the benefits they provide, as is the case of Google and Pinterest.


It is the social network of Google that does not finish to regulate in the tastes of the common people. The little use of the users, unlike Facebook, does not yet consider it within a digital strategy.

Google has great potential to increase the SEO of a brand by confirming the “authoring profiles”. Google was very serious about using their social network to link an author’s profile to their own website. This makes our image appear every time we look for some content we have written. Google values that and increases our positioning.

Another plus point for using Google is the valuation that the shared articles generate. Publishing and sharing information through this social network will allow you to have more relevance when looking for information regarding the topic. The Google algorithm identifies this content diffused in G and places it closer to the first search page.

And if these reasons are not sufficient to use Google in an SEO strategy, another important detail to be added is that shared links and with good interaction by users in G allows you to give more points in Page Rank.


The great tool of Visual Social Media also serves to improve the SEO. The contents of the boards should be properly distributed in categories, with their respective keyboards and with flashy titles. That way it will be easier to do a linkbuilding strategy because the content in Pinterest is shared and distributed quickly.

Creating widgets and linking the Pinterest account to a webpage will increase the exposure of the content. In addition, tracking the statistics provided by this social network will be able to adapt the information to improve the positioning in search engines.

It is clear that these social networks are not the only ones that help improve SEO, but they are some of the most effective in that subject. However, its advantages are not yet fully exploited. Using Google and Pinterest will significantly help position the content, but nothing will do much if the SEO work is not constant and revised daily for the respective settings.

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