Healing contents: How to separate the grain from the straw

Every day, huge amounts of information are sent to the online medium, which is a volume that can not be assimilated by any of us. However, content is the foundation of any online marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the information, classify it and extract the most important elements, with a double purpose: To be informed. To know in a timely manner the innovations of the sector and trends, in order to apply them in our daily work, and on the other hand, to enrich our content marketing strategy with quality information. 

Healing contents How to separate the grain from the strawIn establishing the basis for a content healing strategy that allows us to easily separate the grain from the straw, we can follow the following steps: 

First, make an initial approximation

  • Previous selection of sources, such as specialized media and relevant firms in the sector.
  • Search for content based on the keywords on which our content strategy is based. To do this we will use search tools and content filtering, such as specialized search engines such as Attrakt, Google’s blog search engine, Twitter search engine or social networking management tools such as Hootsuite, Socialbro or Tweetdeck , Which allow you to track what you are talking about in Social Media.
  • Detect trends and new sources. Here we can serve the news search engines, Yahoo Answers, or LinkedIn groups.

Second, collect the most relevant sources and media

That is, we add your feed to our RSS readers, subscribe to blogs and media of interest, we become fans of those pages that we are interested in following closely, we follow on Twitter to the Authors of reference, and we become part of those groups of LinkedIn more closely related to our industry and even the new communities of Google+ 

In this way, we ensure an exposure to sources and news of our interest 

Classify content and mode in That we will consult the information received

Once we have a sieve of the sources and news of interest, we resort to tools to channel this information and facilitate the way of consultation. In this case we can be of great help:

  • RSS Readers, from Google Reader, Delicious or Flipboard
  • Make Twitter lists and manage Google+ circles
  • Subscribe to newsletters

Select the content of our interest and rework it for dissemination. 

This is where content curation tools such as Paper.li, Storify or Scoop.it come in, among others. Choose the one that best suits your interests. 

Spread the information, across the length and breadth of the online medium. 

This activity can take various formats, depending on your goals:

  • In post form on the blog. In this way you not only offer quality information, but also add value, enriching it with your experience or opinion about the content.
  • Publishing it directly through social networks, which positions you as an influencer or source of quality. This activity can be done in two ways:
  • Manual. Access directly to each of the social platforms.
  • Automatic, through the tools of social profiles management, which facilitate scheduled publication, as well as simultaneous various platforms. For this you will be of great help Hootsuite, Buffer or Ready4social.

What are your tricks for healing content? What tools do you find most useful?

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