How to become a virtual PA

If you are organised, have initiative, and like people, a career as a personal assistant might be the right path for you. PAs can really make a difference to organisations, acting as a vital link between the employer and their team, which can be very rewarding.

PA work has traditionally been an in-person role due to the fact that it requires a lot of interfacing with the person the PA is assisting; however, this has changed rapidly since 2020. The pandemic accelerated an increase in flexible working and despite most workplaces returning to normal, it is estimated that around 22% of the workforce now work at least one day at home. 

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Workplaces have moved to become virtual workspaces to accommodate flexible working, which means a virtual PA East Midlands can support a company in London or vice versa. If working virtually as a PA sounds right for you, here are some steps to take to become a virtual PA.

Get familiar with the tasks involved

Being a PA involves doing administrative tasks remotely. This usually includes managing inboxes and diaries, booking travel, sorting out expenses, following policies, and data entry.

Brush up your CV and highlight key skills

Being a PA means spinning lots of plates, with working virtually meaning you need to use your intuition even more as you will be working independently most of the time. Organisation and communication skills are therefore a must. If you especially enjoy dynamic environments, working for a virtual PA agency such as may be enjoyable, as it will require working with different clients and new challenges.

In addition to soft skills, you should highlight hard skills such as experience using the Microsoft Office suite.

Nail the interview

Job interviews online are similar to job interviews in person; in fact, many people find them easier. Remember to make sure you have a good wi-fi connection; after all, you will need one for the job. It is also wise to make sure there are no interruptions and that the background is tidy.

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