How to improve marketing processes with social media

Marketing strategies focused on improving the customer experience must evolve towards improving the experience of other stakeholders such as stakeholders, prescribes, employees, sector specialists, collaborators, etc. The new approach should be aimed at improving the experience of the stakeholders that help us improve marketing processes such as the development of the Brand, improve the offer, generate demand, customer service and manage talent. Each of these processes needs the support of different interest groups.

Brand development involves the creation of perceptions in the minds of our stakeholders. A good practice, especially for new brands, is to work on the development of perceptions with interested parties, prescribers and specialized professionals. They will not feel that they are trying to sell anything, but we can provide them with something of value that additionally creates perceptions that they can share in their own circles. A brand that sells pet accessories can work with veterinarians, creating discussion spaces on topics related to epidemics or diseases of pets or could work with people who have pets, creating spaces for these people to help each other solving doubts about how to care for your pets In both cases you try to develop the brand without appealing to customers directly.

Undoubtedly the best way to improve the offer of our services or products is asking our stakeholders. The way of asking should not be direct, but through activities that provide benefits to those interest groups. A clear example is in the companies of products or baby clothes. By creating discussion spaces for new parents we can detect the main concerns in each era and the products needed to satisfy them.

The generation of demand It is a process that can be developed through social networks. Especially when the demand generation actions are related to the improvement of the customer experience. There are examples of bars that notify their customers, through Twitter, when they will give free tapas. There are also bakeries that notify their customers on Twitter when the bread has come out of the oven. Apparently, the more immediate the help, the greater the response.

Customer service it has evolved towards collaborative help. If our clients usually have common problems, it is more efficient to create collaborative spaces, to help each other, to provide a phone number where we repeat the same answers or do not have all the answers. Collaborative help allows our clients to receive answers based on experiences of other people like them. We can see examples in companies that sell software and video games, their clients usually have common problems and many times the explanation they exchange is much better because they have lived almost all the experiences with these products.

Talent management it involves the development of internal staff and the recruitment of new talent. The creation of an internal social network in companies favors collaborative work, training and the identification of wasted skills, recognition and sense of belonging. The recruitment of new talent is an increasingly expensive process. The possibility of creating spaces or communities to develop new external talent, related to our sector, ensures the effectiveness in the processes of human resource selection.

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