In social networks, your audience decides to accept it

No one can deny the impact that today social networks. Perhaps an isolated tuit not result in an immediate sale, but the tweet could be the trigger for a series of interactions between your brand and a member of your audience, and it ended up becoming a client.  

But, although large social networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users, that does not automatically become suitable environments for your company, brand or target audience. Maybe your target audience does not want to hear from you on Facebook but are happy with your monthly newsletter. Or maybe your audience lends itself more to share pins on Pinterest that re-tweeting on Twitter. 

In social networks, your audience decides to accept itYou can not force your target audience using the channels you want, you have to be present in the channels where your audience is.

The public has absolute control as it regards relations on social networks. If you think, social networks are a form of “permission marketing”. If a person does not actively follow you will never hear from you, unless someone else in your social network also follow your brand and share some of yours content. 

No matter how much you want your target audience find you on Facebook or Linkedin, they decide how they want to interact with you.Face it!

All this inevitably means that as a brand have to be in the more the better social networks (provided they make sense for your brand), so that your audience can choose the platform that best suits you or like.  

The only way to find out social network that is better for your brand, is totry them all, although that requires an effort of learning and adaptation.Having a presence in the most important networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google) is essential for any business, but also, depending onthe type of business and profile of target audience, platforms like Pinterest, Instagram or Vine could turn out to be small mines gold. It is also very interesting to find out whether there are specialized social networks in your sector. If there are, they tend to work very well. For example, if your product is related to pets, perhaps you should evaluate a presence in facepets or mascotaclub.  

Until you try them, you will not know which social network works best for your business.

Just remember that it is important to keep track of all social networks and directories that des Register your business, open inventory and record all users and passwords.  

If a social network does not work for you, nothing happens, turn it off and something else.

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