Keys and basic concepts to measure success in facebook

If you trust a facebook page as a tool for your business here we remind you of some points that you can not ignore and will help you to see what is happening.

The fans

Many companies create a fan page on Facebook and simply look at how their fans grow as the main indicator of their success. However, the number of fans is by no means the only thing to look at. It is necessary to monitor and measure what and how many are actually, with their participation and content sharing.

Keys and basic concepts to measure success in facebookSome studies show that about 90% of Facebook users do not return to a fan page once they click on the “Like” button. They only view and interact with content in your news feed. So the goal is to make sure to post relevant content that is seen in the right column of your profile (the news feed) and that it produces participation with comments, likes, actions and @ tags.

One of the features that clearly outstands having a fan page versus a personal profile in a company are statistics.

To access, go to facebook insights or click on “Statistics” in the admin panel at the top of your fan page. Statistics are available on all fan pages with more than 30 followers, so you’ll need to get your first 30 fans to see this data.

Monitor publications

Every publication you make on your page shows:

  • I like the publication number
  • Number of comments
  • How many times has it been shared
  • How many people have seen that particular publication

With these data, I recommend that you give more importance to the concept of “dissemination” or feedback: The number of people who have seen a publication can be misleading. Of course it’s great to think that tens of thousands of Facebook users are watching your content. But because we are in a social network, we want these people to get involved and interact with the content.

How is feedback or diffusion calculated?

(Num of comments “I like”) / num of people who have seen the publication

Monitor your activities by day

As we recommend for each publication, here the factors to consider are very similar:

  • Total number of “likes” of the day’s publications
  • Number of comments of the day
  • And one more !:   number of “I do not like”

The first two numbers are easy to understand. Regarding the “I no longer like”, the two main reasons why fans choose to stop following the page are:

  • Publish too often (that is, messages are occupying your screen and can not see the activity of your friends or other pages that you liked)
  • And publish content that is not relevant to them.

Do not let yourself “cheat” by seeing only whether or not the number of fans of the page is maintained, since it can be the result of ups and downs in the number of fans whose net result can confuse you.

By doing these small followings in your fan page you can know more to your followers, to know the content that they like and what they are looking for. And something essential: Are your followers looking for the goals that your brand has proposed? Or are you going in different ways?

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