Marketing and mobile advertising can not be ignored

On many occasions we do not go to talk about the future. Of what the coming times will bring us, where trends are projected that will come to stay. However, talking about Marketing and Mobile Advertising is no longer a matter of reserved topics for visionaries and technology gurus. It is a reality of our present that we can begin to profit today.

It is a virtue of the technological advances of our times that we possess the ability to rapidly evolve the way in which we communicate and the devices and channels we use for it. Gone are the basic mobiles whose main function was to be used to maintain a simple conversation in the distance. The current mobile devices respond to the new habits of a hyper-connected society, and always in movement that shares information and accesses it in real time, from any place and time.

Thanks to technological advances, these devices have acquired a multi-functional use that continues to expand horizons and applied uses. The possibility of accessing the network, social networks, using geolocation or GPS systems, sending multimedia messages, reading QR codes, the possibility of making online purchases, new forms of payment, etc … A whole world of possibility never before imagined.

If the Smartphone was already a reason to think that the future of marketing and advertising went through this type of device, the arrival of the tablets to the market has done nothing more than confirm this belief, further promoting its proliferation and becoming a great opportunity for companies and brands.

The new habits of users and consumers confirm this reality. That of new screens as channels of access to information increasingly used. A look at the future can sweeten us with all kinds of advances that are yet to come, but today, in our present, millions of users and consumers have surrendered to the benefits and capabilities of this new mobile technology.

These are some of the reasons why there is no room left to question whether Marketing and Mobile Advertising are necessary or irrelevant for our businesses. We have to accept reality and join the progress and evolution of current times. We can not allow our potential customers to not have information about our business when in the distance or on the move they intend to access it. We can not ignore the buying habits of new consumers who access from their mobile devices to the network to compare or investigate about the products they wish to purchase. If we intend to reach them, or that they reach us, Marketing and Mobile Advertising can not be ignored.

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