Online marketing: Development phases of a plan for an SME

Currently, the prospection of new markets, communication, digital interaction with customers and potential customers, catalogs on the internet, have an online store, participate in social networks, disseminate videos of product or service presentation, e- Mail-marketing,?, Are essential tools for marketing and communication in competitive enterprise.

Today we have more information than we can process; Just search the Google name of any company, so that in a few seconds we have a complete report with which to compare and know the opinions of other consumers, prices, .. The market has changed the way we relate to the offer and The demand as we have been doing so far. The information is available to everyone and every day this information has to be better, more accessible and more transparent to win the trust of the new consumer.

Online marketing Development phases of a plan for an SMENot being properly in this market is not existing in the network and, in order to be, it requires having very clear objectives with an adequate strategy to subsist in such a fast and competitive market, where it is required to be communicating and interacting with customers and potential clients Constantly, at a speed of vertigo.

This article summarizes the different phases of development of an online marketing plan for the company, in order to have a good base where to improve and optimize the channel, through strategies and data where to measure the campaigns and actions carried out. This is the key that will allow us to survive successfully in the short, medium and long term.

Phases of project development …

  • Definition of the objectives of the plan: To begin with, we must give a clear answer to the objectives we intend to reach in the short, medium and long term of the new channel on the Internet. (Sale of products or services, brand positioning, attracting potential customers
  • Definition of the target of the product or service: It is essential to know in depth the target to which the products and services that we are promoting or selling are aimed at.
  • Analysis of the market and competition on the Internet: In order to develop the strategy to follow, we have to analyze the market we want to target on the internet, knowing the existing competition, to determine the advantages and difficulties that we are going to find.
  • Definition of online strategy: Once collected and analyzed all the information described above, it is time to consider developing an online strategy, in line with the company’s offline strategy.
  • Website development: To design a high performance web online marketing, we need to be usable (user friendly), which can be indexed (search engine friendly), social (integrated with social media); With a client- centric web architecture, not the product or service.
  • Website analytics: For the constant improvement and optimization of the entire website and online strategy, it is imperative to set up measurement systems to control all the actions performed and all the traffic they generate. Different tools like Google Analytics, allows us to have this data at the moment, totally reliable.
  • Optimizing or building the database (CRM) for lead management: Having a database of customers and prospects , updated and segmented correctly, is pure gold for any company, as long as it is monitored and managed The leads to get to produce sales online or offline. It is one of the main keys of the commercial success, of all the marketing campaigns that we intend to realize.
  • Plan to attract traffic to the website: Campaigns and actions Push, Pull and Promotion, working for the short, medium and long term.
  • Plan to convert traffic and loyalty: The conclusions we draw in time periods, analysis, observation and methodical measurement of everything that happens on the website and social networks we participate, will give us the right way to improve and Continuously optimize our Internet strategy.

For the success of the plan, apart from having clear the objectives that we pursue, the target and the market niche to which we intend to interact; It is key the web analytic of the plan and of course the consolidation of the database and its segmentation, which is what will allow us to carry out marketing campaigns with satisfactory results.

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