Opening social networks to employees of companies and brands

The influence of social networks is not only focused on the real time is a reality. The interaction between customers and brands with content as central to information is what is shaping the consumer experience, an increasingly pursued by marks concept.

The voice, the consumer experience, is shaped from the interaction and it is only through teamwork that innovation is achieved and social networks are great allies of creativity.

Opening social networks to employees of companies and brandsSocial networking, much more than marketing

There is no doubt that the actions carried out consistently and following the mission and vision of the brand, manage building communities in which the voice of customers, are essential to bring confidence.

Human Resources discover the power of opening

HR departments know that building an organization in which employees are treated as internal customers, is essential to achieving customer confidence.

The new production model is composed of actions that, in the case of the new company, should focus on the interplay of cohesive and capable of uniting individual talents to achieve a unique experience for your target audience equipment.

The big challenge is not in the social frameworks, but in the structural change of mentality that should prevail in business. Brands continue anchored to the hierarchical structures are limiting information flow, so decision-making is always more exposed to error.

  • Trust and openness are the keys on which rests business innovation
  • Strategies should be formed from trust and no control over our employees
  • It is important to present the new concept of leadership which clearly determine the responsibilities of each department, it is putting us at a pace of innovation.
  • Employee = internal customer, enabling our employees to use social media for penetration of our brand, brings the added value of the individual influence that each is built with their actions.
  • Trust generates more confidence and access to information generates more innovative ideas.

Minimizing risks

It is a common fear for brands, managing online reputation is always considered a risk, however, the key is to be honest, transparent and forming working teams from our internal customers, in which everyone wins.

While there are still many companies are reluctant to allow the use of social networks their employees, it is true that the new way of doing business is forming teams whose strengths reside in the mutual use of influence.

Marketing of influence from within our brand, one voice, cornerstone of the brand-customer relationship.

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