Planning our activity in the media and social networks… Get organized!

Are we on them to increase our ego, based only on the amount of fans we got? Do we really want to collaborate with the people we have connected or simply wish to promote ourselves or our product? Do we join a particular network just because everyone we know are in it? Are we prepared to invest the necessary time we need to achieve marketing goals Social Media throughout 2012?

All these are some of the issues highlighted through his blog, Brad Friedmann, and we ask ourselves before starting our journey in the media and social networks, defining and taking clear our purpose and primary objectives. However, there are many who without clarifying these issues are released to finding adventure in the big road difficulties and counter-times. This is the ideal moment to reflect these goals which are really to begin to organize and focus on the right track.

Planning our activity in the media and social networks... Get organized!The answers to all these questions and issues raised are important and can help plan a good strategy. To do this, everyone must understand that the connection with consumers, potential customers and users in general is a fundamental aspect to grow any business or company. However when it comes to generating links and connections, it is essential to do it consistently, actively participating, adding value to what we write and not just promoting our product or service.

This record must also attend a planning upon which to establish different habits and organized activities. An authentic performance schedule planned as a calendar that can help us optimize our tasks and obligations. We show below an example:

Twice a day we

  • Review the Feed Twitter, respond when needed and join one or two conversations.
  • Review the LinkedIn profile, visit some groups and collaborate on them.
  • Check the Facebook page and respond or add something of value to our fans.
  • Review alerts Google for information about our competitors and see mentions of our brand.

Once a week

  • Work in organizing Twitter lists and Facebook to send targeted messages when necessary.
  • Invest time to respond in LinkedIn discussions.
  • Schedule tweets and status updates for next week.
  • Dedicate some time to establish relationships with influential people.
  • Keep abreast of new products and social tools that can increase our efficiency and scope.

During the week

  • Monday: Schedule tweets and status updates provide significant content, in addition to the content that schedule once a week. This information can be more timely than the others scheduled.
  • Mondays and Wednesdays: Getting involved in a specific conversation on Twitter.
  • Tuesday: Reply comments on the blog and leave one or two comments on other blogs.
  • Friday: Check and analyze traffic to our week in all channels.

Remember that this is not exact, ideally everyone to conform to their daily lives and become routine for consistency and planning are coordinated much of the real key to success.

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