Preconceived ideas, the worst enemies of enterprises in Social Media

The world of Social Media still remains the great unknown for many companies or brands. In some cases ignorance and other preconceived misconceptions, many companies or brands that start in this world end up not understanding the broader sense of Media Social concept.

An important first step before starting a social media company is training.With this pre-training, in addition to understanding what this is social media, they appreciate the work of those engaged in this Social Media in all its aspects. Concepts such as strategy, analytics, content or branding, among others, will become part of their business model. In short, the worst enemies of Social Media companies are preconceptions and ignorance.

Preconceived ideas, the worst enemies of enterprises in Social MediaSales are the purpose and Social Media is the medium.

Many companies that use social media with the intent to sell more. Without falling into the eternal debate of whether social media can be sold or not, what we agree is that they are the medium or channel to reach sale. The sale is the result of good work of the company offline in their day to day and, of course, also work good online social media. Although we must make clear that sales will not be multiplied by a qualified network without previous work.

Followers: quality before quantity

Another misconceptions of companies is wanting more followers than the competition in any of the social media wherever they are, as if it were a competition. Although the quality should be above the amount widely in this respect it is vital. One goal is to get relevant followers and / or fit the target. Correctly Define the target is vital in Social Media strategy. A social CRM based on the quality and engagement is more important than a social CRM based on the amount.

Another aspect is to not rule followers who, a priori, be competition since synergies can artificer in collaborative projects that add value in social media.

To be in social media be better not be

According to the brands or companies in social media behave is the image that will the netizen them. So their behavior in the 2.0 world is as or more important than their behavior in the offline world. An inactive, neglected and no strategy profile may turn against corporate image, besides not being useful.

You do not need to be in all social media if you can not maintain a minimum quality and, mainly, if not add anything to the strategy of company or brand. Be because it is missing out on the opportunities and information from an increasingly important channel, whether a business B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (business-to-business) will be.

Another important aspect is that demystify social media is only for big companies or big brands. A neighborhood trade, for example, with a good local strategy and geolocation has no place in social media. The business consists mainly of SMEs and in some cases are doing a great job.

Self-promotion is a technique of the past

Basing on the network strategy in self-promotion is something too widespread in many companies. Wanting to apply marketing techniques anachronistic offline world in the 2.0 world, as if it were advertising pamphlets, it is a big mistake. The correct approximate percentage for engagement is to contribute 20% of brand information and 80% content of value. Users and potential customers no longer want to hear the benefits of a brand, but what gives them value the brand and the interaction through conversation. In social media, designed to share and conversant, the “I” is anachronistic and repetitive Branding is not.

The importance of channeling, treat and cope with complaints or claims

As I have said on other occasions, fear or inability to channel, treat and cope with complaints and claims is a handicap for many companies launch social media.

To be in social media, transparency, honesty and desire to improve by listening to users is vital. Brands or companies that are not willing to meet these conditions, rather than opt for other alternative channels but this does not release them from jumping to the network by third party opinions.

the complaint or claim must be demystified as something negative, as long as these do not lead to a crisis of reputation. Many brands, through active listening, are a channel to improve and overcome their shortcomings through a market test of great value.

In addition to the five aspects exposed, surely you know more aspects to highlight …

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