Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Specifications, Photos Are Leaked

Samsung is the best Smartphone designer over the India. The people in the all over the country were using this series of the Smartphone’s. This Smartphone maker Samsung, recently released the Samsung Galaxy S5 and this handset was established in the earlier of the last month and so many people are using this handset throughout the country. This organization is making the one of the best Smartphone’s compared to all phones in the market. And this organization creates the top most handsets, when compared to the entire Smartphone makers. Recently the Smartphone’s S5 Active and K Zoom already established and released in the market recently.

Samsung Galaxy S5This Samsung organization has now established the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Smartphone. The best Smartphone’s like S5 Action and K Zoom is released in the market along with the Samsung Galaxy S5. And this Smartphone’s are used by the consumers now. This organization is now eagerly waiting for the releasing of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. They are waiting for the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. But recently this Samsung organization leaked information about the Galaxy mini S5. In this information contains the photos related this handset and configurations and specifications of this phone.

Sam Mobile is one of the best sites in the technology side, and this site recently released the photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. These leaked photos contains the detailed information about the Galaxy S5 mini, showing the dotted pattern with the same as like all handsets of the Samsung and it has the screen with smaller size. The reputation of these photos also shows the configurations of this handset. As per the report of the site, this handset has the features like monitor at the heart rate and the fingerprint sensor. These features will know from this leaked information.

As per the recent reports of this handset, said about this handset is the Water-proof, and this is one of the best water-proof ever, but earlier shows of this handset have the MicroUSB port will be not covered and it will get the damage in the case of dropped in the water.

According to specifications, this handset has the display with super AMOLED of 4.5 inches, resolution with 720, RAM to 1.5 GB.

This handset also said that, back facing camera with 8megapxel and front facing camera with 2.1 megapixels. And also has the internal storage of 16GB and supporting with MicroSD.

As per the report of the handset, it is charged with the Android 4.4 that is KitKat, and it has the combination of the software features like Ultra power saving mode, private mode, kids modes and so on.

This Samsung organization is planned to release this handset soon in the market and this handset is released as soon as possible in the market.

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