SEO Positioning: What the agencies do not tell you?

Over the last few years thousands of companies that sell search engine rankings have appeared through Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO. But do you know what they are really selling you?

What is SEO?

When you enter a search on a search engine like Google, a list consists of two types of links: organic results (SEO) and sponsored links (SEM).

SEO Positioning What the agencies do not tell youAppearing on sponsored links is relatively easy. You just have to pay Google through your AdWords ad platform and if you do it with the help of professionals you can get a lot of profitability.

But to determine the list of organic results, Google applies a secret algorithm. It’s a secret! We can only guess what it is that has more weight in this algorithm extracting the common points of the well-positioned pages.

To appear on sponsored links you just need to pay Google

Since after a while you have some idea about what has more importance within the algorithm (made the law, made the trap) agencies that sell SEO positioning are crazy to manufacture content taking into account certain characteristics.

This way they increase the positioning of a web in a short period of time (in short SEO means between 6 months and a year).

We’ve already gone through hundreds of SEO fads like keyword abuse, duplicate content or hidden text.

But Google changes its algorithm between 500 and 600 times a year (that means it changes almost 2 times a day). Sometimes it makes small adjustments and others are big modifications like the algorithm of the Panda or the Penguin.


  • We have agencies that promise SEO positioning
  • These agencies are content to manufacture content following the commandments of SEO gurus of the moment (in addition to you, they do it for your competitors, do you also see a conflict?)
  • Google makes a radical change in its logarithm
  • Y? Voila All the time, effort and money invested fades (or a part)

Kill The Gurus

Of course! Read, learn, take ideas from the internet, blogs and articles. But then dare to draw your own conclusions.

The algorithm changes so many times a year that it is practically impossible for anyone to give you an accurate idea of what comes best to put and what content you have to use to get better positioning and keep it in time.

Gurus do nothing more than anticipate an uncertain future, relying on a past that no longer serves. That, those who still believe in SEO, because most gurus believe? That SEO is dead.

Does it make sense to adopt fashions and follow the gurus commands to the letter? For what? To generate content that will not work tomorrow and could even hurt you? Not worth it.

So, How to Choose Content?

In this scenario where everything seems unstable, the only certain thing is that behind each computer there is a user. And it is this user who is interested or not by the content.

In fact Google works for the user. Its raison is to provide reliable and useful results to the person conducting a search.

So this is the best advice on SEO that you will find on the internet: Create your content for the user of your web.

Users do their searches to find information. Make sure your content gives you the information you expect and that the time spent on your website is useful.

On average, a user spends 8 seconds on a web. If at that time you have not found the information you are looking for, it will simply go away. It will not matter which position in the list of the search engine you have appeared.

Write, upload videos, work for your user and the rest of the important things for Google? They will come alone. Your information will be shared, other websites and blogs will create links to yours, your texts will be written naturally and the keywords will appear when you need them.

The algorithm of Google is increasingly complex because it tries to circumvent the tricks to find something as simple as texts intended for the user.

That is why, by failing to do SEO, you can get the best SEO.

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