Social media and email Marketing: When the union is strong

Constant Contact conducted a study where it suggests SMEs implement marketing strategies that take advantage of multiple existing platforms to generate diverse and greater opportunities for conversion.

According to the study, companies that use Social Media Marketing along with e-mail marketing, have greater benefits in their campaigns, showing better conversion rates and therefore a higher return on investment.

E-mail marketing or Social Media? What is the best option for my resources and my time? These are some of the questions that are formulated from small and medium enterprises. However, the most appropriate response is not reduced to the choice of one or another type of strategy. In fact, the true potential is knowing how to combine and take advantage of the joint and coordinated benefits and advantages of each of them.

E-mail should be used to communicate with current customers and social media to establish conversations and new links with consumers and potential customers.

In this sense, the data from this study revealed that the increase of new perspectives through social media, resulted in an increase of 14.4% in the use of email lists. On the other hand, companies that take advantage of both methods have e-mail lists that are 53% larger and more optimized than those that use e-mail marketing exclusively.

Although the report itself does not mention or refer to content marketing strategies, other parallel reports highlight the importance of this type of resources as an added value and essential for the success of both social media and email marketing strategies. However, the generation of original, relevant and quality content can be one of the biggest challenges for small and medium enterprises.

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