Social networks are not stupid, the important thing is to know how to use them and take advantage of them

The main problem that many small businesses seem to have when deciding to make the leap to social networks is that they devote themselves to discussing them but never decide to give them a real, practical use or that can generate a beneficial return for their clients. business, coming to cross them even stupid.

Gary Vaynerchuk, an expert in Social Media, says that it is necessary for small businesses to stop having these kinds of thoughts and start acting as soon as possible. From his point of view, dismissing social networks as stupid is not something new since it is something that has always happened with novelties. For Vaynerchuk to argue about them instead of getting on the bandwagon is a waste of time because innovation does not wait for anyone, it simply advances.

Nor does it seem sensible in his opinion to criticize without even having tried it first. Vaynerchuk is clear in this regard, people who have a lot to say about social networks like Facebook or Twitter when they have not even registered on the Web have to close their mouths.

Thus, it seems very necessary for companies to realize that their business involves attention by consumers, attention that today is very fragmented and difficult to capture. To obtain it, it is very necessary to use new methods and strategies, and the best example of novelty is social networks.

Vaynerchuk tries to explain how nowadays it is necessary to reach not only the masses, but also the users individually since we find that right now the opinion of each user counts and the companies need that opinion to be positive since they will undoubtedly count your experience to others, who will acquire or not the product depending on the opinions they hear.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, we are currently facing a new era of word of mouth but on a much larger scale. People no longer only talk with their friends and family about a company, but they tell it to the whole city, to anyone who wants to listen to it through social networks.

From your point of view there are important aspects that companies should take into account in this regard. It is important not to worry too much when taking the first step, to lose the fear to experiment but communicating and interacting in a transparent and sincere way.

Vaynerchuk also stresses the importance of not focusing exclusively on trying to win new clients, but on offering a good deal and the best attention to those they already have to increase their commitment and loyalty. In turn, the obsession with the eternal ROI must be a secondary aspect in the beginning, although it does not mean that it is not contemplated in a more advanced phase or a short-term future. In addition, the numbers do not always tell the full story and word of mouth, which in many occasions is difficult to measure, is very important in the digital world.

Finally, Vaynerchuk highlights the importance of not ignoring what the users of our company or brand say on social networks, it is an incredible source of information that can reveal the way forward to improve the experience and satisfaction of consumers, what they do or what they like.

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