Social networks do not serve to sell or maybe yes

Social networks do not serve to sell. Hala, as I have said, … I feel offend the sensibilities of some defender of social media as a weapon sales but it is the truth. I do not know of anyone who, after seeing a post on Facebook, clicked to add this product directly to cart, later to provide your credit card.

However, it is a reality that users turn to social networks to learn about products that interest you, share opinions and make recommendations. Syncapse study indicates that 75% of the followers are willing to share their positive experiences with the brand. In addition, this translates into sales, media, fans spend 43% more than those who are not.

Social networks do not serve to sell or maybe yesSo what do we do with them? For use as channel to expand product awareness and attract customers, thereby generating confidence. This way you get to occupy a place in your mind. So when finally the customer is ready to buy, social networks have contributed to the customer bet on that product discovered on Pinterest, or through the publication of one of their Facebook friends found.

For this reason, social networks already appear in the first phase of the buying cycle, where the customer looks for inspiration and possible solutions to your needs. Here Facebook or Pinterest function as one. From here, the client continues the process of finding information, delving into those aspects that most interest you. It is when reviewing the opinions and advice of their peers and are looking for videos about the product you want to buy.

Following this search, Google and other re-targeting services, among which includes Facebook, are put on alert and begin impacts on what the client has demanded. It is an activity that tries to maintain customer interest throughout the buying cycle.

Social networks are present throughout the buying cycle, act both as first contact with the brand, as inspiration, source of information or as a means for deriving traffic to the website. One of its major drawbacks is the difficulty of measuring certain effectiveness, which can realize both an online and offline sales.

According to Vision Critical, about 4 in 10 people buy a product after having shared or interacted with him through social networks. Normally half of these purchases is done one week after such action has taken place 2.0.Record the process of selling this type of action is very complex, but not can jeopardize the effectiveness of social networks.

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