The key benefits of Social Media and Content Curation for businesses

There are multiple companies that are already aware of the need to create strategies for Social Media; even they create original and creative actions, which have thousands of followers on their websites. However, many are asking: what do I do now?

It is true that, however much you’ve gotten thousands of fans who even be active on your pages, if you do not offer them content of interest; go differentiating content over time, they get bored and leave your mark adrift. We can not subjugate our target audience with promotions, discounts, offers … in which only talk about us and what are our fabulous products or services.

The key benefits of Social Media and Content Curation for businessesSo here it is where the game Social Media Content Curation, consisting of a filter through all the contents of interest are shared through the web enters;with this is to share the best news, articles, videos and infographics in their social channels.

To make a good strategy Social Media Content Curation, we have to make a large filter all content to be shared online or offline level on the sector in which we work. Somehow, we can select the main news, interesting facts about the area; the contents that have more interest for our fans. Thus, they will be interested in what we tell them, they will want to read and also want to share with your friends.

Social networking and Social Media Content Curation

Social networks are, today, large valuable content providers, and no value also, under which we can introduce to create a good Social Media Curation action. In Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus, … experts, who are not, brands, associations, … share thousands of content daily, of which we can assert.

However, one of these social networks stands above the rest is Twitter, due to the speed and agility with which content and information spread. In a single minute produced 278,000 Tweets; so we can imagine the amount of content that can be produced on this platform.

Marketing content with the king in recent times, Twitter, becomes the main ally of the companies; It is the most attractive for companies that make great efforts in shares content. In this microblogging platform, we can obtain information relevant and very current in a matter of seconds; at the same time share at the same time.

Benefits of Social Media Content Curation

Social Media Content Curation helps organizations to generate quality content that will position itself as a benchmark, an expert in the sector and, in turn, will enable them to create a community of followers brand environment. This will improve the brand image (users will see it in a positive way because it gives them content of interest and value to them) and differentiate from the competition.

This differentiation and improving the brand image, create a greater enagement, more web traffic and increase fans. What it will become, largely, in a direct or indirect increase in sales.

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