The mobile computer moves the opening device as newsletters

The mobile is switched to consumers much faster than expected, changing their consumption habits and relate to brands. This is corroborated by the latest data from Splio, the French multinational specializing in direct marketing, which reports that this November has overcome the barrier of 50% of openings email marketing on mobile devices. This means that the same consumers who expected a few months ago to open their emails on the computer, they do now on their mobile, an experience not always find it very satisfactory.

The mobile computer moves the opening device as newslettersAnd it is that the marks on the other hand, are not adopting the mobile as fast as the market and users are demanding. Sending many emails are still not adapted to these devices, offering a nefarious browsing and reading experience, which translates into a lower conversion and lower sales. Because if the mobile user does not see well the email, delete it directly and keeps the memory of the bad experience.

The unique conditions of the mobile device market, have also made this dynamic has been imposed much faster than in other European markets. With a mobile penetration of 80% and 43% in Study V tablets according to the IAB Mobile Marketing is one of the countries that recorded the highest rates of email marketing openings mobile phones and tablets.

Splio, which has analyzed a sample of 3,400 million emails sent from your EmailForge platform to everyone, as pointed in its 3rd Barometer Splio Openings of Email Marketing Mobile that 50% of openings email marketing would be achieved in mobile end 2013, but with this acelerón estimate that after the Christmas season, the figure could reach 53% in December.

‘The evolution of the market in terms of openings email marketing on mobile devices has been spectacular’, says Jean-Baptiste Boubault, CEO of Splio, ‘in just two years we have gone from 13.7% to 50% and is a clearly it shows not only the level of penetration of mobile devices in everyday consumer habits but also that email marketing such as digital strategy, remains one of the most effective tools for marketers’. “Companies are getting good open rates, CTR’s and conversion are also those who have not ignored this change and are optimizing their emails with responsive design ‘adds Boubault.

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