The presence of a brand in the digital world

Within the boom that Digital is living in the advertising industry, it is important to make an analysis of the digital ecosystem of the brand, and define in which areas of the Digital world we are going to participate.

These definitions should be based on the media consumption and buying behavior of our target, as well as our business objectives and Marketing Plan.

The presence of a brand in the digital worldTo think that because we have a website, we already have the digital area covered, it is far from being true. Today, the corporate website is a must, a basic element that every brand should have and under which to focus its digital strategies. 
So, our analysis of a holistic digital ecosystem, should consider in addition to mandatory website, other components such as Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts, Video, e-Mail, Mobile, SEO / SEM, Paid Media, e-Commerce, etc.

Each of these components plays a specific role that complements the integral gears of the digital world. It is not mandatory that our brand is present in all of them, or that we dedicate the same level of resources to all equally. This will be part of the digital planning that we do.

Once we define the digital ecosystem for our brand, it will also be important to validate that digital strategy is aligned with offline strategies and that we are maintaining brand consistency at each of the consumer contact points.

If there is a disconnect between the digital world and the offline world, most likely our brand will be affected. 
In some cases, to ensure brand consistency or simply to facilitate the process, traditional media contents – TV, Press, OOH – are literally digitized and period. The opportunities that the digital world offers today allow us to make much more sophisticated and complex adaptations that highlight the brand message in the digital context and generate a positive brand experience among our target.

An issue that sometimes causes controversy among organizations, is the allocation of resources for Digital. Consumption of Digital Media continues to rise, not surprisingly, some of the advertisers with the highest advertising budgets, are gradually allocating more resources to this area. However, advertising investment in Digital is still not up to par with the level of digital media consumption.

The good news is that in the digital world, measuring Return on Investment and making adjustments to strategies is very simple compared to other media such as TV or Press.

Our brand presence in Digital should have clear KPIs and establish methods to measure the performance of our online activities. Taking a good tracking of the actions, will allow us to adjust on the fly and in this way be more efficient.

Understanding the target, offline / online integration, brand consistency, taking advantage of the potential of each digital medium, establishing indicators and methods of measurement and continuous improvement are some of the steps to position our brand in the digital area.

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