The strategy is a vital part in social networks

The strategy to be applied is a vital part in social networks. Good or bad planning and execution of the strategy depends on the success or failure.One of the mistakes, increasingly widespread, is to think that there is a standard strategy that can be applied as if it were a script. We must be wary of a fairly general trend in social media publications that give us magical recipes to achieve surefire, beyond work, creativity and talent. Although there are some links and some basic principles that must comply with any strategy, it must be customized for each brand and each medium.

The strategy is a vital part in social networksThe strategy should have life itself 
A rigid and inflexible capacity planning subtracted movement execution.The strategy should have a life of its own, ability to adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in the day. There must be a balance between planning and execution. If a three-lane highway is involved, the planning would be responsible for directing why highway we go, we left point and the point where we are going. Good planning will never limit the way to a single lane, that the execution shall, to go changing lanes depending on the circumstances to advance an effective and fast way, never deviating from the path established, except for reasons of force higher.Here come the execution skills to pilot community manager planned strategy on track.
The importance of the “Social”
Currently being used many terms of ROI, social CRM, CTR, SEO, type … We have also developed many formulas to quantify what it’s portion of social network that has the mark. Social Media in the world is not taking into account when planning and implementing a strategy, this should be more “social” and less “media”. All of these terms and quantitative formulas, without them aside completely, they come after themselves if correctly done their homework on the social part. It should be an issue that occupies us but do not worry us, something complicated in these times when getting immediate results is prioritized too.
The interaction with the customer is vital
There are initially reap the benefits that we report social networks for customer information (levels of satisfaction, market research, suggestions for improvement, …) to not live in a parallel reality and speak different languages. There are even brands that have taken a step further and are virtual offices in the customer network availability. Therefore, these benefits should get the result of good work done by social strategy. In the interaction with the customer, so vital is the information that we can provide the customer like that can offer the brand.
The importance of the qualitative, not quantitative everything is
It should be noted that the ROI on social media does not always translate into economic benefits immediately. The ROI can be translated into concepts such as presence and expansion of the brand in the network, customer loyalty, a good reputation online, … If all these “social” aspects are achieved, the “media” can begin work and report to us economic benefits.
Coordination with the community manager
To achieve this, the community manager should not be “man band” manager face everything. There must be an implication of the various departments of the brand. The areas of sales, marketing, economics, … should be involved in this project to a successful end.

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