The superpowers of social media marketers

Being a good Social Media Marketer is not just a matter of updating social profiles of the brand, talking about how good it is, or last introductory offer. The management of social networks goes far beyond. To be professional Social Media is important to develop special qualities, in order to generate empathy and encourage engagement with users.

It is not superhuman values, but special qualities related to social and communication skills, along with large doses of assertiveness and common sense. Let’s see what the super powers of marketers 2.0 are…

The superpowers of social media marketersAbility to listen. In social networks it is important to listen before speaking. It is basic to meet your target, know what is concerned, what kind of content you like, or what motivates you to action. Also, if not monitorize social conversation you’re missing an essential element: the feedback, the feedback that will help you know if you’re doing well. On the other hand, if you do not hear how you can meet the requests of your users?

Be patient, and know how to wait for the right moment. Success in social networks does not come overnight, but is a result of constant effort and dedication. Therefore, a good marketer has to sow SM daily, fertilize and care for your crops, in order to pick fruit in the medium to long term.

Be honest and recognize the merits of others. When you find really good, worthy of sharing with your audience content, please reference when the source and acknowledge the contribution to its author. Thus you will open a way to contact him, which could make way for future contacts and collaborative projects.

Share. It is the main activity performed in Social Media. Add value, contribute to generate conversation and give reasons for users who want tobe on your side. From here, the interest in the brand is created, users become fans, and increase the chances that they become clients. 83% of customers considered that interactions increase the chances of purchasing at that company.

Knowing how to write. The content is the cornerstone of any strategy for Social Media. It is the fuel that generates conversation, encourages interaction and gives life to a brand profile. Every professional of the Social Media must master the art of the word, which will appeal to your audience.It will also be very useful when interacting with your audience. Knowing how to choose the right word at the right time, it is all a gift. You have to show a professional attitude, which does not mean that you know when to add a touch of humor, or make a nod.

Being a good content curator. Another essential way to provide content is to use the creations of other sources. This will greatly enriches the profile of the brand, something that users appreciate. Therefore, it is necessary to know track the online landscape and extract these pearls of wisdom, or entertainment, always related to the objectives outlined in the strategy of Social Media brand.

Outside the ego. In social networks has no place self – promotion or impose your authority on others. You have to behave as a member, on equal terms, and show humility, at the same boldness and knowledge to be. It is not to be less than anyone, but not to impose your leadership in the community.

Having wood leader. The community leader must be able to show diligence and know how to manage its component members. Rather than authority, it is able to organize activities, energize the community and create a pleasant atmosphere; where all users are encouraged to take an active part and help create a living and stable community around the brand.

Promote engagement. A good manager has to get users full members, involved with the activity taking place in the social profiles and committed to the brand feel. This builds confidence and contributes to closer ties with it.

Respond to requests and user interactions. Social Media is a two – way world where customers are directed to their brands, and expect these to respond to them. The worst mistake you can make a mark is to obviate their audience, this only leads to frustration and can seriously damage your reputation and credibility.

As you can see, this is capacity we all have, but sometimes do not bother to apply. With a little effort and determination certainly you are a good Social Media Marketer.

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