Time, dictatorship of digital marketing

It has always surprised me, when you make use of the forms and characteristics of so-called conventional marketing, about digital marketing. One hundred and one things happen to me to confirm, that although they have a lot in particular, the idiosyncrasy of the channel and of course, its varied platforms, give it peculiarities, that we can not ignore. One of them is especially the time.

We could focus on the importance of the same for a web, when time is a very valuable variable for its positioning, or in an e-commerce, when time is certainly, essential to give a good experience in navigation to the user, and By effect thereof, substantially improve the conversion rate. But time on the network affects everything, even this article, curious, but if you have arrived here, is that at least, I got your attention, much more of the time that is needed or necessary, to capture a possible Customer across the network.

Time, dictatorship of digital marketingSo important is the time in the network, that a user can see an advertisement, and a moment later, be doing a transaction on an e-commerce platform, or informing about a service.

There is no channel that raises a similar experience. But not so particular, with the measurements of time.

When outside is less and inside is more

I am particularly convinced of the characteristics of online marketing. In fact, capturing a user who turned on his computer, without intending to land on our website, should be particularly fast. Yes, it is true, I am thinking of a very particular action, and in fact is the idea that suggested this text, the type advertisement, display.

And is that, moving a TV spot, or a tedious video will never be on the net, the best claim. We must be more skilful, first because applying the same forms can denote idleness, and a great brand should never afford this. On the other hand, and is not much better than the laziness, shows a lack of study of the channel, and the behavior of the user in the same by the companies.

A good option, could be something as simple as the use of an animated image, much smaller weight, we see expanded its possibilities of visualization, either because that in front of it, need more bandwidth, or problems of request to Server, or lack of plugins in the browser.

How many times have we scrolled for content known, or turned back, while the ad continued loading?

Only two images, one that captures our attention, and another that offers us a company value, may be more than enough language to catch the attention of our audience.

However, when the web user lands on our website, and it is here where he resides, the grace of network time is when it will be timely, that he can entertain himself long enough, to know the product, and of course, the company. In addition, it is undoubtedly here, where we can put all our tools of persuiability in order to achieve our goal.

And is that, although we have identified the need and of course our audience, we can not be fooled by the channel. The network is much more than an audiovisual medium.

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