Users would share more information in exchange for a good online experience

Personal information is our greatest treasure. We take great care to provide certain personal information, especially to brands. The email address or the place of residence is not data to be aerated because yes.On the other hand, when it comes to obtaining a greater benefit, we think about it.

The Intent study indicates that customers would be willing to provide their personal data, without having a better online experience. This is reflected in this infographic, which indicates that more than half of users on social networks would share their social information if their online experience was more personalized and tailored to their interests.

Users would share more information in exchange for a good online experienceThe type of information they are willing to offer these consumers does not stay in their email address, but 54% would share their sentimental situation, 50% would talk about their interests and hobbies, 35% about the events in which they participated Or your vacation (30%). It is undoubtedly high value information, which allows the brands to know very specific details about their target audience, and thereby facilitate a highly personalized experience.

In what sectors are consumers most interested?

These customers would share their personal data in social networks mainly with retailers (39%) and supermarkets (38%); (22%), cinema (22%), or music (29%).

How do they share your information?

56% would use the social login, registering in their web with the data of their personal profiles. Social login is a simple and fast method for customers, as well as very useful for companies. On the one hand, customers willingly share their information, although the company offers certain advantages, such as discounts tailored to their interests, faster when making their purchases, the possibility to “save the purchase for another time”, or to share their Easily with your contacts.

What would lead them to use social login on your website?

Discounts are the main incentive. The 57% would facilitate your social information if it could give access to offers and discounts. A 34% especially value to be able to consult the comments that their friends or relatives have made on that web. For 41% it is important to use this functionality in order to obtain suggestions and recommendations on products related to their interests.

The user experience is the key to the conversion. Vitamin’s Talent’s indicates that it is a pending subject for 97% of web pages. This means that 68% of customers think that the company does not care about them. The social login allows users to know, generate interactions and propose proposals based on their needs. Do you already use it? Did you check the results?

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