Using Banner Ads for Your Online Marketing

Anyone who has looked on various sites on the internet will have seen the various banner ads that are used by companies to advertise their products. They are small rectangular adverts that can differ in appearance, but when you click on the advert, they will link you directly to the webpage of the advertiser and the product that is being promoted if there is one.

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Known as html5 banner ads, these are a very useful advertising and marketing tool that can form an important part of a businesses marketing campaign. Websites can make money through advertising and therefore by allowing businesses to place their banner ads on their site they have a mutually beneficial arrangement.

A banner ad is like a hyperlink, so some HTML code in the advert then instructs the server to bring up a certain web page when the advert is clicked on. Banner ads need to be attention grabbing, so most will be colourful and striking to look at, and many companies also use animated ads to attract attention.

There are many different shapes and sizes, with full size being among the most popular and most widely used, and some banner ads can be even more complex, enabling the user to interact with them as well as providing a link to the website that they are advertising.

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If you are considering using banner ads as part of your online marketing strategy, doing some research and having a look at the various styles available will help you to make a well informed decision and choose the format that is right for you.

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