We are all Community Managers

A Community Manager according  AERCO  is the person responsible to sustain, enhance and defend the business relationships with customers in the digital realm, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and strategic approaches to the organization and the clients.

I must admit that technically the definition is completely accurate, though perhaps somewhat boring. So successful, that if we remove “in the digital realm,” what do we have? a definition in which all fit.

We are all Community ManagersEveryone in our company are responsible in some way or another, to sustain, enhance and defend the relations with customers, regardless of the position that we occupy. From a friendly and correct call, through a neat and clean facilities to good commercial relationship with customers. All these actions represent a decisive step in the brand experience, which makes us responsible for their good image.

From this perspective, by referring to the medium, if we add “in the digital realm,” the simple fact of having a profile on Facebook or Twitter, even personally, responsible us of our image in front of others: family, friends , colleagues, professional colleagues … not say a profile on Linkedin, here we can be a clear brand representative networks, our commitment to make us responsible for it, and we must be prepared to face it.

By this I mean what you’re thinking. Yes, you are Community Manager, or at least many of its responsibilities have enough to invest time and start learning digital environments reason.

We all have something of Community Managers since all have contacts and we use it in our favor, turn it to our advantage. You, the executive, who always boasts not have time for this, is precisely what you will win through tools such as Skype, Hangouts, Evernote … The  social media  are able to concentrate information and open new ways of more direct and more human, and we should all partake of its benefits to optimize results communication. Examples are:

HR can concentrate much more information than that indicates the CV of a candidate, the technical department can answer questions at the time, the sales department can detect needs most accurate way thanks to the details of each profile, the directive can receive information more orderly and hierarchical way, the marketing department has analysis tools that allow a better understanding of our target audience, and as a consequence, the technical department can better answer your questions, and the commercial department better detect the needs, and the policy is in a better mood as sales increase and the brand is recognized … and productivity increases, and this is priceless!

The question is can the  Social Media  be an issue left solely in the hands of others?

The truth is that the implementation of social media in a business is a mission to fulfill not only qualified personnel, but by agents of the company themselves. Yes it is true that tasks such as content management, communication campaigns or ad hoc implementation, often outsourced by qualified personnel. But we must not forget that the real benefit is in harnessing the different departments of a company removed the use of social media.

AERCO distinguishes between  Social Media Manager  and  Community Manager. Basically, a Social Media Manager Social Media Plan raises and strategy, and Community Managers are responsible for their proper execution, whether internal or external to the company.

Therefore we must know that a Social Media Manager will figure that can guide us to improve our daily lives through social media, ie, pointing the brand into new social values, a change of mentality in the organization and adapt to the new ways that people have to connect to the world.

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