What invest time professionals Social Media?

Register a corporate profile on social networking sites is free, but properly manage online brand presence on that platform no longer so. It is a laborious task that requires effort and dedication.

The latest report published by the University of Social Media Marketing (SMMU) analyzes how long marketers invest in Social Media and how to use this time or that activities devoted more attention.

What invest time professionals Social MediaAccording to his analysis, content generation accounts for much of this dedication (60.1%). Second, the development of the strategy (11.6%), followed by the publication of content (10.4%) appears at a distance. These professionals also allocate a small proportion of their time listening and monitoring social activity (7.5%), and to measure the results of their actions (4.6%) and attend to their followers (4,1 %).

Respondents agree that social networks require more time and dedication.3 out of 4 said it had increased the time spent on social media during the past year.

The latest report from Social Media Examiner indicates that 64% of global marketers spent a minimum of 6 hours a week to Social Media, while approximately 20% spends more than 20 hours per week.

Greater dedication to the which also have been pushed due to the diversification of its strategy, encompassing a greater number of platforms.26% of those surveyed by the SMMU indicates that manages up to 8 different profiles on social networks. Meanwhile, 30% focuses profiles between 4 and 5, while 22% active in a maximum of 3.

When assessing its ability to measure ROI, 37% of professionals Social Media is considered very able to measure the profitability of their actions on social networks, while 35% think it is more or less ready to do so, as recorded by Social Media Examiner.

Meanwhile, the companies participating in the survey SMMU indicate that, although effectively measure the ROI remains a complex task, companies continue betting on social networks and consequently have increased their budget. 54.4% of companies increased their budget, while 37.9% maintained the same investment.

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