What is the current landscape of the Social Media Marketing industry?

No one escapes that Social Media has been a real revolution for many professionals and companies that have seen the great potential it has for your business. There are many data that are considered about the state of Social Media Marketing, but how is it really, what is the current landscape of Social Media?

According to a study carried out by Word View Editing among more than 3000 marketers, of which the objective is to understand how they use social media to promote and grow their business, professionals hold this new open channel between users and brand-professionals in high esteem, affirming 83% of the professionals that social media is fundamental in the daily development of their work.

On the other hand, the study also shows that the most important areas for them and in which they focus the most are metrics and targeting, so much so that 40% of social media marketing professionals are interested, and fact, it is one of your priorities, to measure the return on investment of social media and find prescribers and clients, as well as consider an essential means to reach your target audience the use of video.

The use of video as a marketing strategy is becoming more common, because a picture is worth a thousand words and because it favors our message to arrive more easily to the client. This is what data shows that 76% of marketing plans are increasing the use of video marketing and the YouTube platform.

Regarding the social network of Mountain View giant, Google Plus, marketing professionals do not use it too much, but many of them want to learn how to get the most out of it, as the statistics state: although only 40% of professionals use the Google platform, 70% want to learn more about it and 67% plan to increase the use of this tool and incorporate it into their strategies.

The professionals of social media marketing highlight, among all, three main benefits when using this type of marketing: 85% of the professionals consulted say that generates much more exposure of the business, 69% said as the main benefit the fact that increases traffic to our websites and 65% say that is the fact of providing a store inside, and say that the main social platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing and YouTube, in this order.

The professionals are aware that a strategy in social networks requires time, a lot of time, to be able to execute it properly, and 59% of them claim to use social networks for six hours a week, and 39% do so by investing more 11 hours

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