What makes content marketing so important?

Believe it or not, content remains king. A phrase that does not go out of fashion, nor does it fall into disuse. It is a reality, and companies know they have to bet on it. It highlights the fact that even the smallest are clearer. According to the latest Benchmarks, Budget and Trends, published by the CMI and sponsored by Outbrain, SMEs are the most resources dedicated to content marketing, earning 31% of its budget, compared to 24% of large. A trend that will increase this year.

What makes content marketing so importantBut what makes content so important? Is it possible to measure its effectiveness? How can we ensure that our content marketing strategy is really effective?

Content is shaped as the currency of exchange, if we are able to offer our audience that content of value that they need, will act accordingly, will know to compensate us for it. Not in vain, it consolidates itself as one of the main channels that allow us to approach the audience and to foment the engagement.

Content must be present in every online marketing strategy that matters. It is its main asset, and as such has to be taken care of; Maintaining both its quality and frequency of updating. Always attending to some objectives, those raised in the strategy; Either by offering answers to specific needs, or by pursuing a reaction on the part of the recipient. In this way you will gain in efficiency and make the investment profitable.

Nor should we forget its relevance to the search engines. Any company that wants to be well positioned must continuously contribute fresh and quality content. It is the component that most value the search engine, in its eagerness to always offer useful information to the users that daily approach to him in search of an answer to his needs. In addition, this improvement in positioning also means a better ROI; Is easy to measure if this content is positioned, being able to evaluate its impact.

What is Google considered to be good content?

It is about offering authentic beads of wisdom, pieces of useful and relevant content that will appeal to the audience, covering their leisure and entertainment needs. That said seems simple, but still many companies do not meet these premises.

The good content is not the one that is based on the autobombo. The fact that brands should position themselves as referents and example of know-how does not justify having them focus on praising their own goodness. An effective way to build trust and have authority in your field is to provide truly valuable, unique and relevant content.

It is important to always keep in mind that we are targeting people, so it is important to identify your interests, know your tastes and preferences, so you can target your strategy around them.

Content marketing should create a two-way conversation. The content should be shared, your audience should want to interact with it and generate conversation around it; So it is important to encourage such interactions, to move users to action. What good is it to generate quality content if you do not promote your reaction?

It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it. The content can take different formats; From traditional blogs to infographics, and why not go beyond the written word and harness the power of audiovisual content in the form of videoblogs.

At this point you still question the effectiveness of the content within your online marketing strategy?

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